Get Ready for the Fastest Dice Game: Instant Super Sic Bo by Evolution

Not all innovations fundamentally change how you play a game. Sometimes, even a slight adjustment can be enough to attract players who may not otherwise be interested in the title. Evolution is banking on this approach with the launch of Instant Super Sic Bo. It removes one of the biggest advantages RNG-powered table games have: the limited time to place bets.

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This isn’t the first time Evolution decided to do away with the timer. It did the same thing with Instant Roulette, and that game turned out to be wildly successful. Can Instant Super Sic Bo catch lightning in a bottle again? Keep reading to find out.

How It Works

The game uses a dice shaker with three dice inside it. The goal is to predict the outcome of the round by guessing the total score or which die will appear. Unlike most other Sic Bo releases, there’s minimal downtime between dice shakes. As a result, you’ll see whether you won anything almost instantly.

You place wagers on a large betting board. Each one has a slightly different payout, reflecting how likely it is to occur. The variety of stakes removes the need for side bets, as the main board covers all the bases.

Instant Super Sic Bo’s Many Bets

Not all Instant Super Sic Bo bets are made equal. Some, like Small/Big and Odd/Even, are designed to have almost 50-50 odds of winning. If you want the best expected return to player, these wagers have you covered.

Winning with Small requires the total of the three dice to be between 4 and 10. Meanwhile, Big wins if the total is between 11 and 17.

Odd and Even are self-explanatory. If the total number displayed by the dice is an odd or even number, the corresponding wager pays.

The game also has fourteen sections labelled 4-17. These are your Total bets – predicting the exact number the three dice will add up to.

You’ll also find six bet spots marked One through Six at the bottom of the board. They award a payout if one, two, or all three dice show that number.

Instant Super Sic Bo also offers Double and Triple bets. With Doubles, the goal is to land two dice with the same number. Meanwhile, Triples require all three dice to match the chosen combination. You can also play the Any Triple bet, which grants a cash prize if any three identical dice land.

Last but not least are Combination bets, which offer all 15 possible two-dice combos. If the chosen combination appears, you receive the corresponding reward.

Instant Super Sic Bo’s Bonus Features

As the dice tumble, the game will apply multipliers to random bet spots on the grid. They increase the payout of the wager they appear on, with riskier bets getting bigger multipliers.

You can also take advantage of the Autoplay function. Use it to play multiple rounds with the same stake. It’s a great feature if you prefer using a strategy over going with your gut.

Our Thoughts on Instant Super Sic Bo

Evolution’s latest title isn’t going to shake up the industry. It’s just a bit of extra convenience added to an already popular game. If you previously tried and enjoyed Super Sic Bo, this release is guaranteed to be right up your street.

The absence of a timer makes this title much friendlier to live casino newcomers. You can take your time and plan your bets without being rushed into making a decision. If you were fascinated by Sic Bo, but it always seemed too daunting, this game is what you’re looking for.

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