Gold Bar Roulette by Evolution: Rules & Strategy

Gold Bar Roulette is the latest addition to Evolution’s growing library of various live casino games. The game has large shoes to fill, being the company’s first venture into live roulette variants since Lightning Roulette. Unsurprisingly, many players are excited to see what the team has in store! How well will Gold Bar Roulette perform? Join us for a deep dive into Evolution’s latest live roulette title to find out!

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How to play Gold Bar Roulette?

You play Gold Bar Roulette on a standard single-wheel roulette wheel. The goal of the game is identical to standard European Roulette too. Predict where the roulette ball will land by placing bets on those numbers. If you get it right, you receive a cash prize! You can play countless wagers, all of which cover different numbers.

Unique to this Evolution release are its gold bars. You cannot buy gold bars. Instead, you earn them by winning a straight-up bet. Players can then place gold bars on the betting board. Gold bars can only be placed on a single number. You cannot play wagers covering multiple numbers such as colours or odd/even with gold bars.

In-Depth with Gold Bars

Every successful single number bet earns you gold bars. The game determines how many gold bars you can win after betting time ends. Once you have gold bars, you can place them on the number you think will win.

Each gold bar is worth 88x the current gold bar value. You can see how many gold bars you have and their current value next to the coin selection.  

You receive the corresponding prize by placing a gold bar on a winning straight-up bet spot. Gold bar wins also win new gold bars, allowing you to skip traditional betting until you run out. Gold bars last for 180 days. If players do not play Gold Bar Roulette during that time, their gold bars expire.

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Payouts and RTPs

Like Lightning Roulette, Gold Bar Roulette decreases the payout of straight-up bets. It only pays 24:1 when won instead of the standard 35:1. However, this release makes up for it by making straight-up wagers award gold bars. The payouts for all other inside and outside bets remain the same since they do not have different effects. The maximum payout in Gold Bar Roulette is €/$/£500,000.

The RTP for Evolution’s latest roulette venture is 97.1%. That gives it a lower expected return than Lightning Roulette, though not much.

Gold Bar Roulette Strategy

Unfortunately, Gold Bar Roulette does not lend itself well to strategies. Furthermore, we think Evolution did this intentionally. Only straight-up bets can produce gold bars. Because you have a limited number of gold bars, you cannot effectively cover parts of the roulette wheel. It all comes down to whether or not you get lucky; no cheating the system allowed!

Final Thoughts

If you love Evolution’s live casino variants, this release will be right up your alley. The developer preserves the core gameplay loop while adding something new and exciting to it. Gold Bar Roulette has plenty of potential, but only time will tell if it will make as much of a splash as Lightning Roulette did. The team at had a blast playing this game, and we recommend it to anyone interested.