How to Play Evolution Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live?

Evolution remains at the forefront of new and exciting casino games. Given their acquisition of NetEnt, it was only a matter of time before they took advantage of its resources. The deal allows Gonzo to make his first live casino debut in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live! How does it work? What is the RTP? How much can you win with each round?

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Honestly, we expected something along the lines of Playtech’s live slots to come from this deal. Instead, Evolution subverts our expectations while creating yet another exciting game show title, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live. One that is primarily powered using a random number generator whose results are displayed on your screen.

Join the Spanish explorer in his quest. This new slot-inspired live game of Evolution gives you as a player an unique journey, based on your own choices.

How to Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

Time needed: 5 minutes

  1. Select Which Stones and the Number of Picks

    Select which stones you will try to find on the wall and choose the number of Picks you want. Each Pick lets you select one stone on the wall.
    Gonzos Treasure Hunt howto 1

  2. The Wall is Shuffled

    The wall is shuffled, and all the stones’ values are concealed.Gonzos Treasure Hunt howto 2

  3. Select the Stones on the Wall

    It’s now time for the treasure hunt and to select your stones on the wall. You can
    see how many stones you can choose in the user interface.Gonzos Treasure Hunt howto 3

  4. Start Prize Drop

    Gonzo turns the key to start the Prize Drop, during which prizes drop and increase
    the values of some of the stones.Gonzos Treasure Hunt howto 4

  5. Multipliers Appear

    During the Prize Drop, prizes appear at the top of the wall. Bonus Prizes add to the value of
    the hidden stones and a multiplier will multiply all visible bonus values by the
    amount shown. The Re-Drop symbol triggers a new Prize Drop.Gonzos Treasure Hunt howto 5

  6. All the Values of the Stones are Revealed

    The wall reveals all of the stones’ values, and you can see if you won any stones.
    You can only win a stone on which you placed a bet.Gonzos Treasure Hunt howto 6

  7. Your Winnings

    If your won stone received a Bonus Prize, this value is added to the stone’s standard payout.
    Your winning bet is multiplied by the winning stone’s final value.Gonzos Treasure Hunt howto 7

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

In the successfull video slot Gonzo’s Quest our little Spanish friend searches for El Dorado. This golden city should be full off spectacular treasures. Now, Gonzo is coming to live. Together with a live host, Gonzo will hunt for new treasures.

You’ll find a giant wall with 70 stones in your screen. This is where you will hunt for prizes. You are on your own unique treasure hunt. You van decide which prizes to look for and how many chances you need to find them.

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Betting on Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

When you first load into the game, you will see a large stone slab in front of you. The wall is broken up into squares, and beneath each one lies a cash prize. When wagering, players can place their bet on the six colourful stakes and the number of picks they will play. You can buy yourself twenty picks per round. Each pick you have could make the difference between winning or losing a round. However, you also have to balance the ramping costs of wagering on too many picks.

Of course, betting on picks is just one part of this release. The second is betting on one or more stones. Each coloured stone corresponds to a specific payout. The better the reward, the less likely it is for the stone to appear on the stone block. Coloured blocks and their rewards are listed below.

  • Brown stones are worth 1x
  • Orange stones are worth 2x
  • Purple stones are worth 4x
  • Green stones are worth 8x
  • Blue stones are worth 20x
  • Red stones are worth 65x

You have until the betting timer runs out to customise the wager to your liking. Once that ends, the game moves on to its next stage. Players click or tap stone blocks from the playing field. How many positions you get to select depends on how many picks you have bought. Each player can choose different positions, meaning everyone will receive a slightly different result.

Prize Drop

Once players finish selecting their positions, Prize Drop activates. Gonzo will turn the key to start the Prize Drop to add extra payouts to the hidden prizes. Prize Drops appear from the top of the board falling downwards. Players can win bonus prizes, multipliers, and re-drops, which fall down on the playing field in that order. Up to seven bonus prizes, or no prizes at all, can drop onto the wall to occupy random positions on the stones. The prize increases the payout value of the selected stone.

Multipliers appear in the top row above the board, but they do not drop down. Instead, they multiply all visible values in the row beneath them. Multipliers increase the payout ranging from 2x to 10x your total stake. Multipliers only apply if there is an opening in the row below the multiplier.

Finally, we have the re-drop bonus. This activates another prize drop, with more bonus prizes and multipliers appearing on the stone slab. This further boosts the rewards you can expect to get from Evolution’s Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live. Up to ten re-drops can be triggered in one game round. The maximum amount an individual stone on the wall can receive during the Prize Drop is 20,000x.

Ending the Round

After all Prize Drop bonuses are played out, the game will flip the stones, revealing what lies beneath. Players are only eligible to win coloured stones that they bet on. If you wagered on purple stones, any picks that turned out to be that colour will grant their cash prize. You receive the reward alongside any boosts thanks to the Prize Drop. The wins are highlighted, making it easy to see what you won.

When all payouts are awarded, the round starts again. It makes for a simple gameplay loop once you get the hang of it. This is reflected in its RTP, which sits at 96.56%. This places it solidly above average for most slots and other casino games.

If you love game shows, then Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live will charm your socks off. Evolution clearly put a lot of effort into making sure the famous explorer’s live casino debut goes without a hitch. This release is like nothing we have seen before. In fact, it is quickly on the road to becoming a favorite.


The RTP is 96,56%.

You must select a casino that offers live casino games of Evolution.

No, it’s a live game show based on the popular slot Gonzo’s Quest.

June 7th 2021