How to Play Ezugi 32 Cards Live Casino Game?

If you enjoy trying new casino games, you are in luck. The live casino industry is booming, and software providers are always bringing new things to the table! Even the most exotic titles are finding their way to our phones, tablets and laptops. One of these interesting new titles is Ezugi 32 Cards. It is easy to pick up and play, making it the perfect game for casual casino members.

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This article will help shed a light on what exactly this release offers. We will go over how to play and what kind of rewards you can expect. Finally, we discuss if there are any strategies we can employ to improve our odds of winning.

Ezugi 32 Cards

You play this game with a single deck of thirty-two cards, which is how this table got its name. The cards range in value from six to thirteen. Every round they shuffle the deck, preventing card counting from being useful.

There are four fields on the table, each one associated with an additional number. Cards are drawn and placed atop each field. The card’s value is then added with the number on that field. The four fields are eight, nine, ten and eleven. If you draw the number six on the first field, it will result in fourteen-point total. The same card on the eleven field would be worth seventeen points.

Players need to bet on the field they think will win the round. Wins are decided by the highest value point total after the cards are dealt. This gives an advantage to higher point fields. The payouts reflect that’. The eleven field has the highest chance of winning, and so it only pays 1:1. Other bet fields and their payouts are listed below.

  • Bet field 10, which pays 2.2:1
  • Bet field 9, which pays 4.5:1
  • Bet field 8, which pays 11:1

RTP and Strategy

After Ezugi’s Live Sic Bo, this card game was an awesome follow-up. It does not have the best house edge out there. However, it has a very clear RTP breakdown for every bet you can play. As such, you get two very easy strategies to follow. Ones that will become immediately obvious when you see the RTPs of each bet.

  • Bet field 8 has an RTP of 93.99%
  • Bet field 9 has an RTP of 90.08
  • Bet field 10 has an RTP of 87.91%
  • Bet field 11 has an RTP of 92.97%.

The best possible bet to play is actually the one that is least likely to win! This may not seem right at first. However, bet field 8 also comes with the highest payout. You do not win it as often, but its higher payout makes it better than second best. Bet field 11 comes close, but it falls short due to its small payouts. If you want to play 32 Cards as optimally as possible, you will always place a bet on number eight.

The simple gameplay loop means there are no additional strategies we can employ. There are also no side bets or other additions to make this table more fun. After playing it for a bit, we realized one thing. You will know if this is the live dealer game for you in the first five minutes. If you liked it, you can get cosy and get ready for a long session. If not? There are plenty of other live casino experiences out there to enjoy.