Imagine Live Presents Robin The Fair Live Game Show

The meteoric rise of game shows has opened a whole new world of exciting live casino games. As developers learned that they don’t have to stick to the same old formula to find success, we have seen many new and unique titles being released.

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Imagine Live is also getting in on the action with its new title, Robin The Fair. In it, you and history’s best-known thief embark on an exciting and simple card game that will have you at the edge of your seat. There’s a 5,000x top prize for the bravest and luckiest players – will you be one of them?

About Robin The Fair

You do not need to know the rules of any card game to enjoy Imagine Live’s release. You only need to know how to compare the value of different cards. Each round starts with a brief betting period, during which you decide how much you want to stake.

The round begins at the edge of the table. The host deals fourteen cards in a face-down position, split into seven pairs. Players then have to predict which card in the pair will have a higher value. Get it right, and you can proceed to the next pair. This continues until you guess incorrectly or get all seven pairs right.

Every correct prediction increases the potential cash prize. You can choose to cash out your winnings after every pair, allowing you to back out if you’re satisfied with your winnings.

The gameplay loop feels similar to Dragon Tiger. In both games, you’re betting on what card will be more valuable. However, Robin the Fair is more involved because each round compares seven pairs instead of only one.

To prevent players from sticking to safe tactics, Imagine Live introduced the Bonus Multiplier. It can amplify the potential rewards substantially, transforming the biggest payout from 100x to 5,000x. It naturally pushes you into risking it all for a chance to win way more than a regular round could ever give you.

Sweet, Simple, Satisfying

Robin The Fair is one of the best examples of how even slight changes can make a huge difference. No part of this game is all that complicated. However, put everything together, and you get an entertaining gameplay that can keep you playing long past the time you were planning to stop. For that reason alone, we recommend trying it out when it becomes available.

The game is also a huge win for Imagine Live. They get to add another successful game show to their collection after Pirates Plunder rocked everyone’s boat. Rest assured, we at will be keeping a close eye on the developer and their future releases going forward.

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