Is Latin America the Most Promising Market for Live Casino Niche?

After ensuring their success in established markets, live dealer software providers are looking to expand. Being first on a new market gives you a natural leg-up on the competition. As such, we have seen developers compete fiercely to capture North American and Asian markets. However, few markets have seen competition as heavy as the Latin American market.

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Quite a few software providers are eyeing up the new market. However, few are as open in their efforts to expand into Latin America as Authentic Gaming and Ezugi are. Both software providers have taken quite a few steps towards expanding in this new market. It signals there is something more to this than just passing interest for the two software providers.

Latin American Live Casinos

Future of the Latin American market

In many ways, the Latin American market now is similar to what Europe was a couple of years ago. There is a growing population of online casino members, which mostly consists of younger people. For many, live dealers are a relatively new and foreign concept. However, this is bound to change as their governments continue to loosen laws and start making gambling legal.

Both Ezugi and Authentic Gaming agree on one thing: blanket solutions will not work. Magdalena Podhorska, Authentic Gaming’s CCO, said products have to be adapted to the culture and societal trends of the market. She cites an example where double zero roulette is more popular in Mexico, meaning such a release would perform better. Ezugi’s LatAm territory manager Eric Mendez also highlighted the importance of localisation and culturally understanding the market.

One of the biggest challenges to expanding into Latin America is the fact each country sets different rules. While both sides find it troublesome, they are more than ready to work with regulators and their rules. Magdalena Podhorska points out the importance of remaining flexible and adjusting to any new regulation. That is the only way for companies to tackle these new markets.

Despite these complications, Ezugi and Authentic Gaming clearly feel that investing in the market is worth it. If you look at data, the answer becomes obvious. From 2019 to 2021, live dealers went from 4.5% of online casino gambling gross wins to 11%. H2GC’s data shows this trend is likely to continue, with live casinos eventually reaching a 25% market share by 2025.

As for what markets the developers are targeting? Authentic Gaming’s priorities are in recently regulated markets of Columbia, Argentina and Mexico. Meanwhile, Ezugi’s ambitions are much grander. They are working hard to have a presence in all regulated LatAm markets.

Ezugi’s Latin American ambitions

Of course, making statements is easy. Actively working towards expanding into the market is something different. However, that is exactly what Ezugi has been doing in the last couple of months. First, the developer participated in the regional iGaming event SBC Digital Latinoamérica 2021. For Ezugi’s LatAm territory manager Eric Mendez, the most interesting part of the event was the 2021 regulatory briefing.

A statement that hinted at things to come. Just a couple of days later, Ezugi would announce it gained approval from Colombia’s gambling regulator Coljuegos. The regulator has audited and approved Ezugi’s Colombia studio, giving them a green light to begin streaming games to operators. The new studio comes with seven games, all of which boast native Spanish speaking dealers.

Very quickly after gaining regulatory approval, Ezugi made an agreement to launch their new portfolio of games with Betplay. Casino members can expect a variety of games including blackjack, unlimited blackjack, roulette and baccarat. These releases are designed to specifically appeal to Colombian players, with even more games planned as the market matures.

What This Means for Latin America

Between statements made by very important people and software providers aggressively expanding, a pattern begins to emerge. One that shows developers consider Latin America to be the next big market for live casino games. We can already see companies preparing to appeal to casino members in the region. Rest assured, the team will continue keeping you informed about all things live casino!