Let’s Explore New Live Game Lobby by Stakelogic Live

It feels like just yesterday that we were discussing Stakelogic Live’s entry into the market. In a short span, the team has gone from newcomer to serious contender, regularly pumping out exciting live casino games. With a steady stream of players and more titles on the way, the company decided it was time to update its live game lobby.

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Rather than looking at a specific game like Runner Runner Roulette 5000x, this article will go over the lobby changes. We’ll check out its functionality and how easy it is to navigate. Will this be a slamdunk for Stakelogic Live or a stumbling block on its path to success? Keep reading to find out.

All About Tiles

The company opted for a tile-based design for its lobby page, intending to make games more accessible to players. When you open the page, you can see every title Stakelogic Live has produced. Hovering over a tile will open a video stream from the table, giving you a preview of what the game’s all about. The lobby also displays an overlay that lets you keep track of the action.

All elements are updated dynamically, allowing you to see when a new seat opens up. The overlay also displays key information about each game and the dealer’s language. The latter is handy when you’re hunting for localized tables. You can also use the Bet Behind feature on eligible titles, allowing you to have some fun while waiting for a seat to open up.

Filters and Favourites

Stakelogic Live also added several filters to its lobby. Setting them up is as simple as clicking or tapping on the options you want. Filter options are available on computers and mobile devices. Multiple filters can be active simultaneously, helping you narrow down exactly what titles you want to play.

Additionally, you can press the heart button on a game tile to add it to your favourites. The release will then appear in the My Favourites section, allowing you to come back to it whenever you like.

User-Friendly UI

The developer also added a few extra conveniences we’d love to see other software providers adopt. The best one by far is the Back to Game option. Did you ever leave a game, decide nothing else seems interesting and then wasted time navigating your way back to it? Stakelogic Live lets you return to the same table with the push of one button!

Another great addition to the user interface is the Take any Seat button present on 7-seat Blackjack tiles. As its name implies, it will place you in any open position possible, substantially reducing wait times.

Benefits for Operators

The new lobby also offers some new options that casino operators can take advantage of. The interactive lobby banner can highlight up to three games, with casinos being able to add their own static images or video files. The banner changes photos every three seconds, while videos only swap after they finish playing.

Stakelogic Live also allowed operators to add labels to specific titles. That enables live casinos to highlight new releases or games that are part of an ongoing promotion.

A Fantastic Update

A lobby update isn’t the most exciting thing an operator can do. However, it is nonetheless very important. Most players will find what games to play through the lobby page. Because of that, offering the best experience possible at the beginning is vital. All these additions will make it easier than ever to enjoy Stakelogic Live games. If you’ve been interested in the developer but haven’t yet tried them, now is the perfect time to do so. The developer has the livecasino24.com seal of approval, so be sure to give their games a go. You won’t be disappointed.

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