Live Casino vs Online Casino: What’s the Difference?

There used to be a time when online casinos weren’t a dime a dozen. As online gambling started taking its first, shaky steps, many could see that it was the future. But the future was still a ways off.

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What was a software provider to do? Enter online casino games! They’re powered by a random number generator and gave gamblers the ability to play from the comfort of their home.

But there was still a world of difference between online casino games and the real world experience. As online gambling took off, that space started to get filled by live casino releases. At the same time, developers continue to invest in RNG-based online gambling, showing there’s still demand for both. But which one is best for you, personally? Today, we’ll break all the facts down, and find out!

RNG-Operated vs Live Dealer Games

RNG-Operated casino games are what most players have experience with. These are releases where there’s no human element at play. Everything is done via computer, for better or worse. When casinos are transparent about everything up front, RNG-operated games are fantastic. They allow you to play your favourite games at whatever pace of price-point you want, no questions asked.

In contrast, live dealer games are a lot closer to the real thing. The atmosphere is immediately different when you’re sitting across a real human being. There’s real interaction between you, the dealer, and other players who are also playing at the live casino table. The user interface is made to seamlessly blend in with the live stream of the casino floor.

At the moment, RNG-Powered releases have greater diversity when it comes to available games. Because of their higher operating costs, live casino releases usually stick to the most popular games. Blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker are usually the only live releases you’ll find in most casinos.

Fortunately, that’s started to change in recent years. Now, we’re seeing exclusive live dealer releases which don’t have a single player equivalent! Evolution Gaming is at the forefront of this push, delivering fun new releases like Monopoly Live, Side Bet City, and many others.

Our Favourite Live Casinos


We love live casino games. But they, as a rule of thumb, will always require higher wagers. Acquiring and maintaining all equipment required for constant streaming of online casino releases is expensive. As a result, minimum wagers tend to be higher for live casino games compared to their RNG-operated counterparts.

Because of this, if you’re completely new to table games, we recommend starting with the single-player, RNG-powered releases. Their lower wagers and ability to take things at your own pace are a godsend if you’re just starting out.

Overall Gaming Experience

Are live dealer games are the way to go? Personally, we think so! There’s too much proven potential in this market for it to be abandoned now. But that doesn’t mean they’re ideal, or that they can completely replace RNG-Operated games right now. We wouldn’t be with if we didn’t think it had the potential to be the best way for players to experience gambling.

But there are still good reasons to play RNG-Operated releases. The most important of which are internet speed and bandwidth! This isn’t a huge deal if you’re playing at home, from your desktop or on your Wi-Fi network. But playing live casino games with their HD streams outside of 4G covered areas? Frequent stuttering or failing to load outright will plague many releases.

Live casino games are bandwidth hungry, so if you have a capped internet connection, you might want to go for RNG-Powered releases.

These are important issues, but they aren’t outright deal-breakers. Constant innovations and technological upgrades have already made live casino releases much more accessible to all types of players. We don’t see that trend slowing anytime soon!

Because once we get past the hurdles of internet infrastructure, live casino games simply blow their competitor out of the water. RNG-operated releases haven’t been sitting on their laurels either. But not one game has come out in recent years that could rival a live dealer release.

There’s no clear winner right now: both sides have their upsides and downsides. But in ten to twenty years time, RNG-powered games will be relegated to a secondary role compared to live dealer releases. And we couldn’t be happier about it!