Live Dealer Casino Games: Pros & Cons

Live casinos are one of the fastest growing sections of the iGaming industry. Players are massively flocking to online casino games to have fun, and live dealer casinos offer the best experience. Why is that the case, though? In this article, we seek answers by looking at both the pros and cons of live casino games.

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A Real Casino Experience

One of the greatest updates brought by live casinos was the real-world environment. RNG-powered casino games lacked the experience of actually being there. Now, releases allow you to interact with the dealer through live chat. Different camera angles make the action look awesome. Most important of all is the addition of an actual live dealer. A real person to talk to makes it all so much better!

Top 3 Live Casinos

Convenience is King

Live dealer games have one distinct advantage over their real world counterparts: convenience! You can decide to play live casino games whenever you want. The only thing you need is an internet connection, and a mobile device or laptop. We prefer tablets for gaming, but phones are an excellent pick for playing on the go.

Compare that to real-world casinos. Unless it is in the same place you live in, there is travel time to consider. You need to dress fancy, and plan your time around it. It is far simpler to deposit some funds in a live dealer casino and have a blast!

Amazing Technology

One of the more impressive things about live dealer casinos is their use of innovative technology. Software providers create custom-built studios to ensure all your gaming action is as smooth as possible. OCR software allows tables to display virtual cards on your screen immediately. Unless you set them to be fixed, cameras will also dynamically switch around. This makes for a more cinematic experience for live dealer casino games that support it.

This technology is also being used to a degree in real-world casinos. Developers like Authentic Gaming allow us to enjoy casino games from actual physical locations. This allows you a less controlled experience than live dealer games played in a studio. Which one you prefer will fundamentally come down to your preference.

Played On Real Hardware

Many players are sceptical around RNG-powered software. You cannot see what rules govern the game, which puts you on edge. In contrast, live casino games use real roulette wheels and actual decks to ensure fairness. It also helps with immersion, as you are seeing a real person draw a real deck of cards. Much easier to trust your eyes than computer code you cannot check yourself.

No Wait Times

Real world casinos have a limited space to store players. Live dealer casino games suffer no such limitations. Technology can allow an unlimited number of players to enjoy a single table without any problems. However, you also have tables with a limited number of punters. This allows for a more personal experience. Limited seat tables are not an issue either. Good online casinos can have around a hundred tables for the most popular games.

Timers, Timers, Timers

Of course, no experience is perfect. Live dealer casino games are governed by timers since they need to accommodate for thousands of players. If you play games that use a random number generator, the results are usually instant. Here, you need to wait for all players to make a decision, or until a timer runs out.

Timers also restrict how long you can spend betting. In order to prevent one player from holding up a table, you have limited time to place bets. This is not an issue for experienced players. However, it is a problem for inexperienced live casino members. If you are still learning the game, the timer will add unnecessary pressure.

No Demo Mode

One of the biggest downsides of live dealer titles is the lack of demo mode. This means we cannot try the titles that interest us without paying. This is the cost of playing with real hardware, trained dealers, and innovative technology. There are no freebies among live casino games!

What’s the Verdict?

A simple glance at the list will reveal there are more pros than cons. Live casino games have come a long way in establishing their position in the iGaming space. They offer a premier experience you can access from the comforts of your home. As time goes on, live casinos will only get better. We will be watching their improvements anxiously. We also hope you will be reading along with us!