Live Joker’s Wheel by Skywind Group: How to Play

The success of live game shows has caught the attention of many live dealer software providers. Skywind Group is the latest team to get on the bandwagon with the launch of Live Joker’s Wheel.

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The game draws heavy inspiration from game shows that came before it. However, Skywind Group adds its twist to the release with four distinctive bonuses. Will that be enough to win players over? Join us as we dive deep into Live Joker’s Wheel to find the answer.

What is Live Joker’s Wheel?

Live Joker’s Wheel is a live casino game made by the Skywind Group. The release is the team’s first game show and is radically different from other releases they made until now. It uses a money wheel with 54 segments that grant cash prizes or bonus games. With each wheel spin, you can win something different, which adds to the excitement.

Game show veterans will appreciate the mix of new and familiar, as the release offers the best of both worlds. However, you do not need any game show experience to have fun with this title.

How to Play Live Joker’s Wheel?

Every round starts with a betting period, during which players put money on the wagers they want to play. You do this by selecting a chip and placing it on one or more bets. You can play eight stakes: four are cash prizes, while the others are extra features.

The host spins the money wheel, which eventually stops at a random position corresponding to one of eight bets. If you wagered on the winning number or feature, you get the corresponding prize.

Live Joker’s Wheel Bonus Features

Wheel Multiplier is a bonus round that triggers at the end of every wheel spin. It consists of two reels: one picks a special feature or a number, while the other selects a multiplier. After spinning, the multiplier from the second reel is applied to the chosen bet spot from the first. If the first reel draws a Joker, the multiplier gets awarded to all betting segments.

Joker’s Luck starts with players picking one of three towers: Star, Bell, or Horseshoe. Each tower displays a cash prize, which increases the further up you go. After selecting a symbol, the game spins a 1×1 slot and lands one of five icons: Star, Bell, Horseshoe, Devil, and Joker. Star, Bell, and Horseshoe increase the stage of their corresponding towers by one, while Joker increases all towers by one. The bonus round ends when a Devil appears on the slot, which grants your tower’s current cash prize.

Joker’s Deluxe functions similarly to the Joker’s Luck feature. Once again, you pick between three towers and try to draw matching symbols. However, Joker’s Deluxe slot uses a 1×3 grid, which means multiple icons can appear. If you get double or triple symbols, they increase the corresponding tower by two or three positions. Meanwhile, Jokers bumps up all towers by up to eight stages based on how many appear on the reels. The bonus round ends when three Devils appear on the grid.

Next is Joker’s Dice, a bonus game that uses a Dice Tower machine. Three regular dice and two colour dice tumble down the device to determine the reward and prize multiplier. At the start of the feature, players pick between Red, Blue, and Green. If your chosen colour appears on one or both coloured dice, you get a 4x or 10x multiplier, respectively. Meanwhile, your cash prize is determined by adding up the visible number of the three regular dice.

Finally, we have Joker’s Wheel, which uses three gyroscopic wheels with 32 segments. Each wheel has a separate pointer, represented by a different colour. You pick the arrow you want, and the wheels start spinning. The outer wheel contains prizes and jokers, while the other two wheels hold only cash rewards. After the wheel stops, you receive the corresponding cash prize. If your selected pointer draws a Joker, it applies a multiplier to all cash rewards and awards a re-spin.

Is Skywind Group’s Live Joker’s Wheel Worth Your Time?

Skywind Group went all out for its first game show, demonstrating it can compete with industry giants. Despite how intimidating it might look, Live Joker’s Wheel is easy to get the hang of. Its various bonus features make it entertaining and ensure no two rounds feel the same way. As such, the team is happy to recommend the game!

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