Lucky Ball Roulette by Playtech: Full Review

When a developer puts out one hit game after another, we make sure to keep our eyes peeled on what they do next. Playtech has more than earned that right, consistently releasing fan-favourite titles. The software provider continues to innovate by introducing a new side bet to roulette games.

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Join us for a full review of Lucky Ball Roulette and whether it’s worth your time. We go over its rules, how the new Fruity Bet works, and if there are any strategies you can employ.

About Lucky Ball Roulette

At first glance, you’ll see no difference between Lucky Ball Roulette and standard European Roulette. That is very much by design! Unlike Mega Fire Blaze Roulette, whose multipliers take effect immediately, this game closely clings to regular roulette rules. It uses a single-zero wheel and has identical payouts to regular European Roulette. As such, its RTP is 97.30% when you don’t engage with its side bet.

Every game round starts with a 20-second betting period. During that time, you select a coin value and place it on all the positions you want to wager. A position can cover one or more numbers simultaneously. After betting time finishes, the wheel spins and draws the winning number. If your wager covers the chosen number, you’ll win the appropriate payout.

All About the Fruity Bet

Lucky Ball Roulette’s ace is the Fruity Bet, an optional side bet that allows you to win up to 100x. To activate the side bet, you must place a coin on the Fruity Bet position.

The game selects five lucky numbers. They consist of one number and two neighbours on either side of the wheel. If the ball lands on that segment of the wheel, you become eligible to win the side bet’s prize.

Lucky Ball Roulette uses a three-reel slot to determine how much the bonus round will pay. The machine spins, revealing cherries, melons, bars, bells, and sevens. Three identical symbols must appear for the slot to award a multiplier.

  • Three cherries pay 3x
  • Three melons grant 5x
  • Three bars award 20x
  • Three bells are worth 50x
  • Three sevens pay 100x

Lucky Ball Roulette Strategy

The Fruity Bet’s RTP is 95.29%, much lower than traditional roulette. Because of that, if you want the best odds of winning, you’ll probably want to skip the side bet altogether. That said, not playing the side bet also removes the main reason to play this game. We think the fun factor and occasional big win are worth the slight hit to the RTP, but your mileage may vary.

The best strategy for this Playtech release is the same as any other roulette game. Sticking to outside bets like Red/Black, Low-High, and Odd/Even gives you the closest thing to 50-50 odds there is. However, these wagers also have 1:1 payouts – a far cry from the 100x potential of the side bet.

Worth Your Time?

Should you play Lucky Ball Roulette? If you don’t mind slightly lower odds of winning for a chance at bigger payouts, the answer is yes. Unlike multiplier roulette games, this title gives you a choice in whether you want to participate in the bonus. If luck isn’t on your side, you can always stop playing the side bet and try your luck another time.

Overall, we enjoyed our time with this game. It doesn’t make any massive changes that would make roulette unrecognizable. Instead, it combines Playtech’s two strengths: fun video slots and top-tier live casino games. If you’re looking for something new to spice up your roulette experience, give this title a go.

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