Meet Roba, the Robot Croupier

One of the biggest upsides of live dealer games is real-world hosts. They allow you to strike up a conversation and keep you engaged as the game is being played. However, one ambitious software provider is looking to shake things up. CreedRoomz parts ways with traditional thinking by introducing Roba, the Robot Croupier.

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Join us for a deep dive into this fun new addition and how it affects your favourite games. Will it be the next big thing, a monumental flop, or something in between?

All About Roba

Roba is the latest in a string of innovations designed to make live casino games automated and convenient. Much like Auto Roulette wheels before it, it allows players to enjoy their favourite games faster. The host is removed from the equation, meaning it’s just you and the robotic arm on the table.

It’s an approach similar to Evolution’s Live Craps, which used a mechanical arm to shoot dice. However, Roba is much more advanced. It can deal and collect cards, load them in the shuffler, and flip them to show the results of each round. Currently, the robot croupier only makes an appearance in Baccarat and Dragon Tiger games. However, CreedRoomz hinted it would soon be making its way to Blackjack tables.

Levon Hambardzumyan, the company’s senior product manager, describes it as an innovative tool that increases accuracy in dealing while providing a 24/7 gaming experience. Sure enough, Roba tables are always active, even in the wee hours of the morning.

First Steps Towards AI Croupiers?

While automation is not new to live casino games, it’s become an eye-catching topic in the era of AI. The recent rise of ChatGPT showed the world that LLMs are good enough to hold a conversation. Combined with Midjourney and other generative AIs creating breathtaking art, it’s easy to see a future where computers run the show.

Mr Hambardzumyan and his team aren’t looking in that direction. At least, not yet. He said that robots cannot replace the human factor in a live casino, and we’re inclined to agree. Much like Auto Roulette, Roba Baccarat is fast but less fun than a table with a human dealer.

CreedRoomz already confirmed they plan to keep building on Roba. Their next step is adding a camera to the bot to enhance the experience further. Expanding the list of games the robotic arm is compatible with will also be a priority for the team. Will AI be next on the list? Only time will tell, though we’ve got our money on yes.

Is Roba Right For You?

While the robotic arm is an impressive piece of engineering, it’s little more than a novelty at this stage. Games using Roba fall in the same genre as Auto Roulette. They have some upsides but lack that human element that makes live casino games exciting.

We don’t expect these games to hit the mark with everyone. However, there’s no doubt CreedRoomz will find a sizeable group of players who will find these titles interesting. If your favourite live casino game is Speed Baccarat, Roba’s offerings will be right up your street.

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