Mr Green Celebrates the Launch of Boom City With an Exciting Cash Drop

If you’re looking to spice up your summer with an exciting new promo, look no further than Mr Green Casino. Among the many fun offers active on the operator’s website, you’ll find a hot Cash Drop aimed at its latest Live Casino release – Boom City! With a prize pool of €5,000 and a unique new adventure ahead, there’s no better destination than this popular gaming site!

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There is nothing players love more than a good promotion. These boosts tend to wrap up top-tier rewards in a fun gameplay-adjacent adventure, so in a way, they’re an additional way to have fun when visiting your favorite operator. There are countless promos across the many online casinos available, and while many of them can be highly rewarding, our focus here is the must-see Boom City Cash Drop promo at Mr Green Casino! The exciting offer celebrates the launch of a new title at the operator, and it does so in one of the most creative ways possible!

A Rewarding Celebration

As we might have mentioned, Mr Green’s latest promotion is a nod to its newest Live Casino addition – Boom City. The fun Live Dealer title is a dice game featuring unique gameplay, so whether you’re a newbie or a casino veteran, you’ll start fresh with a novel idea that you’re bound to love. The Boom City Cash Drop promo applies exclusively to this game. Players should remeber that this is the only title featured in the promo, so if they’re looking for a more classic online gaming experience, they might need to look elsewhere.

The promotion itself is pretty simple. It consists of a Cash Drop with a €5,000 Prize Pool, giving users a chance to snag one of the 50 prizes that are rewarded regularly. Naturally, the wins are handed out randomly, so everyone has an equal chance of getting a prize. It’s worth noting that to enter the promotion, you’ll need to opt-in for participation through its dedicated page on the casino. You’ll also need to stick to the prerequisite of betting at least €1 to qualify for a potential win.

Other Important Details

As you can probably imagine, the Boom City promotion at Mr Green Casino includes a few terms and conditions players must adhere to if they want to participate. We’ve already mentioned a few of them, and thankfully, they’re not as harsh as what other promotions tend to include. On top of opting in and betting at least €1 to partake in the promo, players will need to wait a bit before receiving their prize. If you’re lucky enough to snag a win, you’ll receive the Cash Bonus 72 hours after the promotional day ends.

Another thing players should take note of is the prizes. The 50 prizes included in the recurring promo aren’t distributed equally. One of them is €2,000, one is €1,000, one is €500, three are €100, 19 are €50, and 25 are €10! Take note of these before you proceed, and keep your fingers crossed for the grand drop of €2,000!