Mr Green Turns Heads With Its Electrifying New Live Blackjack Bonus

Live Dealer fans have been itching to get their hands dirty with long-time favorite titles lately, and it seems Mr Green Casino is ready to afford them that privilege with its High-Voltage Cash Bonanza promo! This promo puts the popular Lightning Blackjack title at the forefront, giving excited players a chance at an equal share of a hefty prize pool!

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Head-turning casino promotions are no novelty in the online gambling scene. Promos and bonuses have become online casino staples, so seeing them pop up in the offers of various operators is no surprise. Of course, Mr Green’s new High-Voltage Cash Bonanza promotion is a bit out of the norm! Unlike most of today’s casino promotions, this one takes the focus away from the slots and puts a Live Casino title front and center. You heard that right! The operator has curated a top-tier offer no Live Casino fan can refuse, so visit it and enjoy an unforgettable boost!

The Basics

We haven’t been subtle with the hints here. It should be pretty easy to figure out what this promotion is about by piecing together its name and the title of this article. Essentially, Mr Green Casino has put together a promo that gives players a boost on a popular Live Casino game. This game is one of the top picks in the operator’s Live Dealer lobby – Lightning Blackjack! For fans of fast-paced action, this is excellent news. Lightning Blackjack takes all the magic of classic Live Blackjack and gives it an edge by speeding up the rounds, making every turn more electrifying!

The boost itself is pretty enviable in our humble opinion. Players get to enjoy an even share of a €2,000 prize pool, which can lead to a pretty hefty sum making its way to your balance. Before you rush into things, we’ll give you a quick breakdown of how to qualify for this promo. First, you’ll need to earn at least 10 points to qualify for the prize share. Now, earning these points is pretty simple. For every €50 wagered on Lightning Blackjack, you earn 5 points. To qualify, you’ll need to wager a total of €100 minimum on the previously mentioned table.

Noteworthy Details

This promo can be a bit tricky with the details, so to ensure the best possible experience, make sure to remember these next few bits of information. The first thing you should do before joining this promo is to check the expiry timer on the offer window after logging in to Mr Green Casino. This way, you can ensure you have plenty of time to play through the minimum wagering requirements needed to qualify. It’s also important to remember that only real money gameplay qualifies, so any attempts at a demo game won’t count.

While the previous few statements are warnings, we have a few positive lines we feel you should remember. Since the prize is a Cash Reward, this promo has no wagering requirements! Additionally, it’s worth noting that the prize should appear in your balance no longer than three days after the promotion officially ends.