Playtech Partners With FashionTV Gaming Group to Feature New Branded Jackpot Baccarat Live Casino Product

Fashion-forward Live Casino fans are in for a treat right now! Playtech and FashionTV Gaming Group have announced their partnership by releasing a branded Live Casino product you won’t be able to resist!

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Partnerships are not a new concept in the online gambling space. Companies often establish business connections that benefit both sides, strengthening their operations and giving fans a boost when the gameplay is in question. While we see tons of new partnerships form between iGaming brands throughout the year, there’s still room to be surprised by some of them. The partnership we’ll be exploring today falls into that category! 

An Unlikely Alliance

Most of you are probably already familiar with the industry-leading gambling software development company Playtech. The behemoth is best-known for providing some of the best live and online casino games on the market right now, and it seems it has no intention of stopping! One of the latest ventures Playtech seems to have taken up is a partnership with the FashionTV global brand in an attempt to bring something new to the Live Casino scene! Of course, we’re talking about the branded FashionTV Jackpot Baccarat title that’s now available on the Playtech Live network. 

Like the name of the title suggests, the FashionTV Jackpot Baccarat game is a premium live jackpot title that breathes new life into a timeless classic. Players can expect tons of fun from this new title, as it combines the best of both worlds! Essentially, the game uses the top-notch tech base Playtech provides and mixes it up with the creative magic that FashionTV’s brand brings to the table.

A Win for Everyone

It’s not hard to see that this new partnership between these two entertainment giants works in everyone’s favor. Starting with Playtech, the strategic release of new branded content is bound to excite loyal fans and draw in a new crowd of fashion-forward and tech-savvy players. The FashionTV brand is a powerhouse in several fields of entertainment. Knowing this, it’s not a big reach to say that many of its followers might develop an interest in trying out its venture into Live Casino gaming.

Of course, the FashionTV Gaming Group has much to benefit from as well. While the FashionTV brand has been around since 1997, the world of gambling is practically a new frontier. Partnering with an established iGaming company like Playtech gives it an advantage right from the get-go. FashionTV can rely on its expert creative team to bring some novelty to casino gaming, while the team at Playtech provides an excellent base for this creative work to come to fruition!

Both of these companies are in the green with this partnership, but the people who benefit the most from it are undoubtedly the fans! Live Casino enthusiasts are treated to new content that’s bound to freshen up the selection in many online casinos. If you’re a fan of Playtech’s top-tier content, then this fun new addition to its lineup is 100% worth your time!

More to Come

The announcement of FasnionTV’s Jackpot Baccarat Live Casino product on Playtech’s Live network has been a treat, but things don’t end there. The game is supposedly only the start of an entire luxury line of games inspired by the iconic brand! If you’re a fan of high-fashion and top-quality Live Casino games, keep an eye out for this upcoming collection.