Playtech’s New Romanian Studio Keeps Live Blackjack Alive and Thriving

If you’re a Live Blackjack fan, you’re in for a wonderful surprise. Leading iGaming provider Playtech has decided to expand its operations by launching a new Live Casino studio based in Romania! This top-tier new facility adds five new tables to the roster of Live Dealer titles by the brand, making it easier for players to enjoy their favorite titles from the comfort of their homes, without the need to wait for seats to open up!

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Fans of Live Dealer games have had plenty to be happy about in this last year. While the popularity of Live Casinos has been on the rise for a while, Providers are only now catching up to player demand by launching exciting new ventures in this category! As expected, the focus of these new additions falls on classic table games. Nothing beats the thrill of a good game of Blackjack once in a while, and brands like Playtech know this well. The big-name provider has just launched a new dedicated Blackjack studio in Romania, adding five new tables fans can visit!

Variety and Flavor

When you set your sights on Playtech’s new studio, you’ll be happy with it from the get-go. Design-wise, the Live Casino space looks stunning! The yellow tables bring a fun pop of color to contrast the faded blue walls in the background. You can also spot every fine detail that went into decorating, thanks to the high video quality of the stream. The tables are streamed in full HD and 4K, ensuring you don’t miss a beat while you’re catching up with your favorite variation of Blackjack.

Speaking of Blackjack variations, the studio brings the two main game variants straight to your monitor. The tables feature European and American Blackjack, bringing some flavor into the mix. In the European variant, the dealer gets his second card once players have built their hand. They can increase their bets and make other moves during this time, so they have more to lose if the dealer’s lucky enough to reveal his upcard is an Ace. In American Roulette, the dealer gets his first two cards along with the players. Thanks to this, the dealer can offer insurance and make a peek for Blackjack if his upcard is an Ace.

An Interesting Solution

As you can probably guess, Playtech’s Live Dealer tables are insanely popular in the casinos they populate. While this is generally a good thing, it can mean that seats fill up fast, leaving some players waiting for an opening. A modern fix to this is adding Live Casino titles with an unlimited number of players. Quantum Blackjack and Unlimited Blackjack are some great examples of this. The other solution is opening a new studio and launching new tables. While more costly and time-consuming, Playtech has decided to go this route.

The good thing about choosing this option is expanding to a new territory and opening up job opportunities. A high-end studio like the new Playtech addition in Romania requires hard work and constant maintenance, so several positions have opened up for locals. It’s also an excellent opportunity for fresh faces behind the tables, introducing players to professional and energetic new dealers that love what they do.