Premium Live Dealer Games by LuckyStreak: Full Review

LuckyStreak has a cutting-edge studio in Riga with state-of-the-art broadcast equipment and a dedicated team of professionals. They enable full-time access to live dealer services, with a 99.9% uptime and more playing time at your table.

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We will take a look at the live game portfolio by LuckyStreak to see what it brings to the table. Looking at their pros and cons will tell you if they are worth playing.

Blackjack 21

The world’s most widely enjoyed casino game is revamped to deliver glorious entertainment. The game flow is essential for Blackjack, keeping the tempo up, and the atmosphere is always excellent. The excitement this live casino experience creates is incomparable. With the live casino stream integrated into iGaming platforms, the thrill of the game is like no other.

Additionally, the game offers fantastic side bets and enormous fun you can enhance with a click of a button. Casino enthusiasts will relish this opportunity to enjoy this fabulous game. The user experience is continuously being improved, and the quality of the delivery is always top-notch.

This game was built for mobile devices in portrait mode to adapt to your hand. The thumb-friendly playing manner adds clicks and scrolls, making the action easier than ever. The design team has done a masterful job, and you can see everything clearly without the need to squint. The cards are big, with pop-out buttons and multi-coloured chips.

You can try the popular side bets to add another layer to your game. They are placed with a touch or click based on your first two cards. Perfect Pair grants a win when the two cards are paired. Moreover, 21+3 awards you if the two cards make a winning hand with the face-up card of the dealer. You can also use the pre-decision buttons to speed things up, including hit, split, stand or double down.

You can also bet on another player’s hand with the Bet Behind feature. The payouts remain the same, and you can use the feature no matter whether you are at the table. Your success rate and stats are always available, and you can review them. You can see how many times you won in a particular manner, revisit each hand, and bet any amount from £10 to £2,500.


Baccarat is a universally beloved Asian casino game with unique rules. Creating an engaging and realistic casino experience, LuckyStreak helps you feel the game’s endless charm. Remaining at the table for hours would be no surprise, with fantastic statistical analyses and great players and presenters. Any number of people can play simultaneously, which makes revenue opportunities limitless.

LuckyStreak launched the biggest upgrade in August 2023 with dual cameras, a new user interface, and the portrait mode. It enables you to access anything in an instant, making everything quick and smooth. The camera view changes spontaneously from the dealer to a front-on and an overhead view. The latter shows you how the round is played out, making everything more engaging.

The game has exciting side bets, enabled by a click of a button, allowing the players 6 new betting opportunities. You can wager on Big and Small bets, various Pairs, Player and Banker. Many opportunities to grab solid wins are available, with detailed statistics at your disposal. Analyse and manage your play accordingly, being familiar with the game history in the process.

You can access the lobby with a single click, so cruising around the tables has never been easier. Join the action immediately and share how you feel with a host of various emojis. The game suits any player’s pocket with a betting scope of £1 – £12,000, indicating handsome wins, especially on more substantial bets.


European Roulette comes in crisp 16:9 quality, with two cameras streaming to make every wheel spin count. A broad scope of settings helps the process run smoothly and effortlessly. It has a unique design and presenters, with any number of players enjoying themselves simultaneously.

Operators can easily add the game to their platforms due to the seamless integration. It will bring players a variety of gaming options, delivering a tremendously entertaining experience. Every segment is top-notch, from engagement and playability to the streaming quality and user experience.

Multi-view roulette streaming provides a cinematic experience with upgraded and enhanced tables. The game has an automatic live replay for a more dynamic gaming experience. You can wager on call bets, including Orphelins, Corners, Splits, Voisins du zero and Le tiers du cylinder.

The game has a clean and neat interactive graph that displays game history, showing a drilldown of the past 100 rounds. The features that enhance the atmosphere include multiple camera angles and HD streams. Furthermore, the Roulette software has chat functionality, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere. It is superbly optimised for all devices, enabling you numerous playing options.

Auto Roulette

It is a rapid variant of the European Roulette that can produce up to 60 games per hour. It is ideal for high rollers looking for fast-paced action, present in brick-and-mortar casinos. There are no game presenters, for everything is automatic, but you can see everything from multiple angles. If you like smooth and uninterrupted sessions, this game is for you.

The game history is presented smoothly and seamlessly, with the same bets as the regular version. The precise automation enables rapid gameplay without a dealer slowing things down. It means more betting chances for the players and higher revenues for the operators.

Dual Play

It is an immersive experience you will not forget soon, where you engage with seated players in a land-based casino. Everything else is pretty much the same, with seamless integration bridging the gap between the two gaming worlds. You can interact with other players or presenters to make the experience more realistic. The excitement is phenomenal, with all the familiar bets and charm of a luxurious land-based venue.

Our Thoughts About LuckyStreak

LuckyStreak provides unmatched live-game experiences, delivering continuous excitement. The rapidly growing company constantly improves things, intending to become one of the most reliable and popular options for live games. We are confident they have the potential to do it. Even though we do not know the studio’s plans, you can be sure will follow its development.

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