Presenting Stakelogic’s First Live Game Show Super Stake Roulette 5,000x

Most of us are used to seeing live game shows from established software providers. When a new player enters the market, it is always cause for celebration! Stakelogic’s first step in the live game show space looks promising. Drawing inspiration from other multiplier roulettes, they seek to create a game that hits the same notes while remaining unique.

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Super Stake Roulette 5,000x is what the company is putting forward as their latest release. How will this Stakelogic game perform against established competitors?

How to Play Super Stake Roulette 5,000x

The success of games like Lightning Roulette and Quantum Roulette has profoundly impacted the live casino industry. Stakelogic’s latest release follows in the footsteps of these games. The game uses a European Roulette wheel and ruleset, with just a single zero and various French bets to play.

It maintains the core roulette experience for players who want it. You can play all the same inside and outside bets you get from traditional roulette. Where this release stands out is in the extra additions it provides. We get Hot and Cold numbers, Silver and Gold multipliers, and a Money Wheel bonus. We can only access the Gold numbers and Money Wheel bonuses by enabling Super Stake.

Outside of bonuses, winning is the same as European Roulette. You get a cash prize if you correctly predict where the ball will land.

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The Various Features of Super Stake Roulette 5,000x

Silver multipliers are active regardless of whether players enable Super Stake. Each round can activate up to five silver multipliers ranging from 50x to 750x. The multiplied win only applies if you made a straight-up bet on that particular number.

Enabling Super Stake adds up to five Gold multipliers every round. These multipliers range from 100x to 1,000x. Turning on the Super Stake increases your straight-up bets by 50%. However, it also makes you eligible for the Money Wheel feature.

The game picks one number to be a Money Wheel number every round. If the game draws that number, the host will spin a Money Wheel full of multipliers. If you want to win the 5,000x top prize this release offers, this is how you make it happen.

Finally, Stakelogic displays hot and cold numbers. You can try chasing after these numbers in hopes of more frequently landing multipliers or the Money Wheel bonus. Just remember the game is random, and hot and cold numbers do not constitute a surefire strategy.

Stakelogic Keeps Growing

Along with their first live casino game, Stakelogic continues to grow its presence. It recently announced that its Stakelogic Live games would be available in Unibet. The partnership means Stakelogic’s live dealer releases will be available in an MGA-supported jurisdiction, expanding its reach further.

Players who saw Pragmatic Play Live’s success are undoubtedly watching Stakelogic’s rise with interest. The developer clearly has ambitions to compete with the industry’s top dogs. Rest assured, will keep a close eye on this team and their future live games.