Quickspin Enters Live Casino Space With New Quickspin Live

As the live casino market grows, so does the number of software providers. Many developers are now throwing their hat into the ring, hoping to capture a slice of that pie. The latest on the list of hopefuls is Quickspin, a subsidiary of live dealer giant Playtech.

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How will the company fare as it breaks new ground and expands beyond video slots? We go over Quickspin’s announcement and roadmap to find out.

A New Brand

Rather than placing everything under the Quickspin banner, the company will launch its live games under Quickspin Live. That way, the developer will make the divide between its core product and new venture easier. We can also see it being helpful if Quickspin follows its parent company’s footsteps and turns its existing titles into live slots.

It was thanks to Playtech’s earlier acquisition of Quickspin that this arrangement is even possible. With its parent company’s technology and scalability, Quickspin Live will be able to grow much faster than its rivals. It also frees the team to try unique and exciting games rather than overlapping with Playtech’s other titles.

What’s Next from Quickspin Live?

Quickspin Live’s first planned game is set to launch in June and follows a game show format. Big Bad Wolf Live uses a money wheel with multiple bonus features, including the booster and a bonus round with multipliers. Details are scarce beyond that: so we will have to wait and see how the game will pan out. Rest assured; we will review the title as soon as it comes out!

The software provider also has two more live games scheduled for 2023 in September and November. Unfortunately, we know nothing about these releases beyond the planned launch dates. Keep checking back at livecasino24.com for updates on future Quickspin Live games.

Can Quickspin Live Break Through?

Though we are always happy to see more competition, there is no denying Quickspin has a tough road ahead. Many software providers are making live casino games, and most players have already settled on a favourite developer. With plenty of rivals, Quickspin Live faces an uphill battle to be recognized.

Fortunately, the company does have a few aces up its sleeve. First, it is not starting from scratch: but with the technology and backing of the Playtech group. That will make producing new games faster and more widely available than if the team was doing it independently.

Additionally, Quickspin has been around for some time. It is a recognizable brand, especially among slot fans. The company is undoubtedly banking on brand recognition to tempt slot players to step out of their comfort zone. After all, it worked for Pragmatic Play – Quickspin Live can do the same!

It may not be an overnight success or an instant sensation. However, we can definitely see Quickspin becoming a mainstay in the live casino space. It all depends on the quality of their games, the first of which we will see come June.

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