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The best live casino games come in all shapes and sizes. Sure, reputable brands such as Evolution Gaming dominate the industry. However, LiveCasino24 believes that it’s worth taking advantage of the available diversity. 7Mojos is one reason why taking such a route would be a great choice. This Bulgarian live casino software provider has managed to find its way into some pretty great sites.

Of course, whenever a supplier appear at all the top live casinos, it begs the question – how good are they? Today, we’ll try to answer just that. Founded in 2015, 7Mojos is relatively new to the field, but we think they have what it takes. First, let’s observe some of 7Mojos’ benefits, and then move on to other facets.

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What Is So Good About 7Mojos Software?

Usually, the experience of a software supplier is proportionate experience, but 7Mojos seems to be an outlier. The company is barely half a decade old, and they’ve accomplished quite a lot despite that. And unlike many European software providers, 7Mojos hasn’t been afraid to pick up influences outside the continent. This, and many other smart decisions like this one, puts the company in a prime position to appear at all the best live dealer sites.

One of the best things about 7Mojos is that they don’t stretch themselves too thin. Instead of trying to cover everything under the sun, the brand opted for a niche. It’s a unique mix of classic European titles with a cool take on several cult classics from Asia. It’s not every day that we see companies from the Old Continent try their hand at Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, and other Asian staples. So, if you like trying out different things, 7Mojos definitely has enough entertaining content to keep you going.

Live Blackjack Powered by 7Mojos

Live Blackjack Powered by 7Mojos

Another thing you’ll be a fan of is the UI. Whenever a software provider picks up a new game type, it almost always ends badly. Getting the user interface right is a notoriously hard job, especially with games that have more complex rules. 7Mojos software is one of our favorites because they took their time and came out with a lightweight UI for each of their tables. There are no gimmicks or innovative solutions involved – just good, clean design. That’s all there is to it, really.

The studios are also splendid. We love the fact that 7Mojos runs their own live casino studio in Varna, Bulgaria. This gives them complete control over their streams and tables. While significant resources are required to run your own operation, this move is much better than renting someone else’s facilities. 7Mojos have an amazing interior, so you’ll feel like you’re in Vegas the moment you visit the lobby.

7Mojos Live Casino Game Features

What makes 7Mojos software special? Well, we first tried all their tables out, and then went on to have a brainstorming session. Games from the East were one of the first things to pop to mind, and rightfully so. Our favorite was Teen Patti Face Off, a modified version of the Indian classic, in which you can actually play not just against the dealer, but against other players, too. Other than poker, we rarely see live casino games that are truly multiplayer. Cool details like this are what makes 7Mojos tables so intriguing.

Many would disregard the atmosphere in the studio, but we’ve always believed it’s an important component of a good game. Depending on which table you choose, the backdrop will be slick and seamless, while still resembling that of a real casino. Live Dragon Tiger was one of our top picks precisely because of that. Another important cog in the 7Mojos software machine is the camera work. HD quality streaming is available on multiple platforms. An added bonus is that you can lower the quality if you have an older device or if your connection is unreliable.

7Mojos live casino games are equally entertaining in the classics category, too. Even though they’ve made it clear that blackjack is not their main focus, Live Blackjack is a more than worthy addition to your arsenal of tables. What sets it apart is the simplicity, mainly how the UI blends with the table and isn’t a visual distraction. This is especially great if you’re a high roller. We all know how annoying it can get to discern between different elements after a couple of dozen hands.

Finally, we can’t forget about the very pleasant dealers. All the ladies are fluent in English and participate in the gameplay just enough so that the atmosphere feels more complete. With less than ten games in their roster, 7Mojos leaves us wanting to see more. Until then, there are more than enough features to enjoy.

7Mojos Live Casino Perks

Perhaps the best perk you get if you play 7 Mojo live dealer games is the cross-platform continuity. No matter which device you grab, you’ll always find the same lobby, with the overall interface seeing minimal changes. It’s not easy to design something which is applicable on iOS, Android, Windows, and various tablets at the same time. 7 Mojo is also appearing at some of the best live casinos in 2021, which is an encouraging sign. Availability is always a big deal to us.

Another benefit of playing at 7Mojos casinos is the fact that this provider covers a lot of ground. The standard blackjack-roulette-baccarat combo is taken care of, but so are Dragon Tiger, Andar Bahar, and Teen Patti. Not too many studios would dare take on so many different games, but this just further shows the ambition of 7Mojos. If you’re the type of player to switch things up and combine different casino games, this is a perfectly decent package, for all purposes.

Table limits are all over the place and depend on the casino that’s hosting the table. Regardless, you will surely find the type of competitive environment that you’ll thrive in. And win, of course. The LiveCasino24 team wishes you luck!