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When you’re playing in online casinos, you want to have all the means necessary to have carefree gambling. Sometimes, this is impossible, due to rules and restrictions imposed by different laws in different countries. This is mostly emphasized in terms of payment methods. Not all payment methods are allowed all over the world, nor all currencies. Therefore, if you’re a player from India, for instance, you cannot play using dollars in all live casinos. Or, if not supported in your country, you cannot play with eWallets, for example.

The ones that find the solutions to these problems are either operators or developers themselves. Since sometimes casinos offer certain currencies but these are not supported in the games, problems can also arise. That’s why an innovative developer decided to create something that the new generation of players badly needed.

In times when technology is evolving at the speed of light, developers need to find effective solutions. With the invention of cryptocurrencies, transactions became instantaneous. But cryptocurrencies, due to their nature, caused new problems. Even though primarily created for gambling, due to decentralization, cryptocurrencies were not offered in all casinos. In fact, they were only offered just in a few.

Some casinos decided to adapt their offerings to fit the demand and started allowing players to use cryptocurrencies. Many followed. Others started offering their gambling services strictly, only with cryptocurrencies. And that’s how Asia Live Tech’s idea was born.

To stand out from the rest, Asia Live Tech created something that made a real boom in the industry. It combined the most popular type of gambling with the most needed currency of our time, the cryptocurrency. And that’s how its Live Casino games that can be played both with fiat and cryptocurrencies were born.

Background to Asia Live Tech

As a tiny but determined company, Asia Live Tech started small in this industry filled with giants. It first started using third-party software and solutions functioning as an intermediary. It offered slots, keno, Asian lotteries and sports betting, in addition to live streaming of Asian table games. This was all in order to succeed at low cost, and then expand. Instead of that, the company faced failure, due to problems with the third-parties systems. That’s when the developer decided to start developing its own solutions.

Within a few years, the developer managed to become one of Asia’s most trusted developers. It earned the trust of many well-respected companies, with its goal to surpass its own achievements. Thanks to its high tech, software, and mobile platforms, Asia Live Tech got a foothold in many Asian markets. And even further. The reason why you’re reading this is that the developer managed to reach your market, too.

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Modern Games with High Tech Solutions

In its portfolio of games, you will find of Baccarat and its variants Baccarat Insurance and Baccarat Squeeze. Roulette, Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger are available as well, but the Asian table games prevail in terms of uniqueness. You will see Live Belangkai, Live Xoc Dia, and Life Fan-Tan. These are all games similar to some classic games. There’s also a cool Live Disco Pit game you must try, and as soon as you learn why, you will. This is a Live product where you get to play table games with heart-stopping music. You’ll be accompanied by exotic dealers from South-East Asia, so it will be appealing for both eyes and ears. The two currently available games for the Disco Pit are Sic Bo and Baccarat.

Since the Asian table games are probably not familiar to you, we’ll focus on them. The Live Xoc Dia is a game of chance that originates from Vietnam. It is quite a famous and trendy game, and Asia Live Tech has kept its original interface. It is played with 4 coin-shaped tokens, usually in blue and red. You need to bet on the right combo that will come out. This is actually like an Asian version of Even-Odd, so it is quite easy and quick to learn. Live Belangkai is also a unique Asian game, originating in Malaysia.

The title Belangkai actually translates to King Carb. It is exclusively offered by Asia Live Tech as a Live Casino variant. It is a typical Asian game in terms of design, with flower, prawn, fish and crab symbols on four-sided tops. The tops are span on small disks at high speed. Your job is to bet on which one will appear once they stop spinning. Live Fan-Tan is another Asian game you could try, but a little bit more complicated than the previous two. You have to bet on the numbers from 1 through 4 or a combo of them. The dealer will remove these numbers from the table 4 per 4 using beads. The number of beads between 1 and 4 will then decide which number wins. Asia Live Tech also offers a more simplified version of this game. The simple version consists of 3 dice.

Asia Live Tech FAQ

I’m not an English-speaking player. Are the games available in other languages?
Asia Live Tech’s software and websites are available in Chinese, Khmer, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Taiwan Chinese, Turkish, Thai, and Indonesian. But the developer can adjust them to any other language the operator wants. So another language might be available in the casino you decide to play.

Which cryptocurrencies and currencies are accepted to play Asia Live Tech games?
Bitcoins, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Altcoin, and Bitcoin Cash are all accepted cryptocurrencies. As for currencies, you have USD, MYR, EUR, KRW, THB, IDR, VND, RMB and HKD.

Are all Asia Live Tech Live Dealer games available on mobile devices?
Yes, regardless of the game you choose to play, as long as you have an Android or iOS device. The web-based games require no downloads and are mobile-friendly for any smartphone and tablet.

Does Asia Live Tech offer customer support in case I need info on the Asian games?
Yes, absolutely. The team is available 24/7 in order to provide players and operators with support. Any question you have will be answered promptly by heavily-trained agents.