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One of the most significant benefits of casinos moving online is experiencing gaming through another culture’s perspective. Many of us heard tall tales of massive casinos in Macau and other places in Asia. Now, software providers from that region can offer the same experience through online casino games! One such developer is N2Live. They are a subsidiary of live gaming giant Entwine Tech, which allowed them to grow much faster than a new developer would otherwise.

The company was formed in 2013, targeting the mobile market. Furthermore, they offer several game types, including classic live games and more exotic releases. N2Live games always have a classy, high-quality feel. Are they good enough to warrant seeking them out? Read on to learn more about everything this live casino software provider has to offer.

Is N2Live a Good Software Provider?

N2Live has delivered numerous high-quality casino games with their parent company’s backing. The developer has offices and studios in both Europe and Asia. You can see this reflected in the games the software provider offers. It has classic table games such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. However, casino members can also enjoy Asia-centric games like Sic Bo and Bull Bull. There are no game shows or unique variants here. While we feel a bit disappointed by the absence of such releases, we were still pleased with what N2Live offered.

n2 live casinoRather than overwhelm players with too many games, this software provider took a different approach. When you launch a game, you will notice a quick play button on the right side of your screen. Doing this will open a sidebar that lists all other live and RNG-powered casino games N2Live offers. You can place some wagers on these games without being at the table. A very convenient way to play multiple tables! However, it can get overwhelming sometimes, so we do not recommend playing too many wagers.

The user interface is done quite well. Each game has a slightly different UI based on its needs. However, N2Live wisely uses all the screen space it has. The developer seeks to bake the user interface with the game’s table. That can create some visually fascinating interfaces. However, the software provider does not sacrifice functionality to make this work. The UI is clean and easy to use, which improves the experience of playing these titles.

As we already mentioned, the developer has studios in Asia and Europe. That gives N2Live incredible reach and access to a massive market. The company runs its studios, giving them complete control of running the tables. It is a good thing that is the case. We cannot imagine implementing something like Quick Play if N2Live was not fully controlling things. The various studios have an excellent atmosphere and do their best to immerse you.

N2Live Casino Game Features

Having feet in both the European and Asian markets gives N2Live an advantage few other casinos can offer. It features rare releases popular in Asia and casino classics popular in the West. If you want to play Sic Bo or Bull Bull, this developer offers you some of the best live tables around. Adding Quick Play into that mix allows players to enjoy multiple tables at once. N2Live is happy to let you go wild if you want to. Personally? We recommend playing one or two more tables alongside your own at most. It gets tough to keep track of things beyond that.

N2Live wants you glued to your screen playing their games. That is why the developer puts in every effort to ensure the atmosphere at their tables is excellent. For example, the design of their baccarat tables reminds us of Asian casinos, even when playing in English. Chinese letters are present on the table, and the dealers wear Chinese dresses. Fans of baccarat would have enjoyed themselves even without these elements. The software provider takes that extra step to keep players invested by adding them.

Part of immersion also comes down to the UI, and N2Live knows how to keep that slick. Many companies keep it simple or keep it stylish. There is a fine line in the middle few software providers can walk. Fortunately for us, this developer is one of them! The team is also not above shuffling UI segments around if it makes sense. The bottom part of your screen in baccarat is held up by bead roads that track previous round results. The betting grid occupies that same space in roulette or Sic Bo.

You cannot have live casino games without live dealers. N2Live’s employees speak English, and you can interact with them through live chat. The developer even lets you rate hosts. If you have a pleasant interaction with one, give them a good rating!

N2Live Software Perks

N2Live was built from the ground up to target the mobile market. As such, their games often perform better on iOS and Android than they do on computers. That does not mean you are getting a bad experience on your PC or laptop. Just that your smartphone or tablet is excellent on all fronts. A smart move by the software provider, considering most internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

The company has an excellent selection of casino games players can enjoy. It has the classics such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. The developer also has exotic titles like Sic Bo and Bull Bull. While the games themselves are great, their availability is not. Only a few live casinos feature releases from this software provider, which is a shame. Thanks to the Quick Play mechanic, you can enjoy several games at once. If it was more widely available, we could see it becoming a killer feature for N2Live.

Opening the lobby tells you ahead of time what the table limits will be for the game you want to play. That means you will be able to find both casual tables and competitive high roller ones. No matter what you end up choosing, the Livecasino24 team has no doubt you will enjoy every moment of these games.