Spin Your Way to the Top in Mr Green’s Crazy Cash Show Promo

Popular online casino Mr Green surprises fans with another excellent Live Casino promotion they can partake in. This time, the operator focuses its efforts on the Live Game Show Crazy Time, giving players a chance to win an equal share of an impressive €3,000 prize pool!

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Popular online casinos like Mr Green understand the importance of promotions. These fun boosts can be an excellent way to keep players engaged while rewarding their dedication to some of the best games on the market! To keep up the streak of top-tier promos on its website, the operator has begun a new venture that Live Casino fanatics are sure to love. Enter Mr Green’s Crazy Cash Show. Targeting the popular live game show Crazy Time, this promotion gives players a chance to level up their gameplay and earn a generous prize along the way!

About Crazy Time

It’s impossible to talk about this promotion without introducing players to the Crazy Time. As the main target of this promotion, the Live Casino marvel Crazy Time takes center stage. If you’ve been a part of the online casino scene, particularly the Live Casino scene, you’ve likely heard of this title. The smash-hit game is based on the Dream Catcher money wheel concept and gives players a chance to immerse themselves in an incredibly fun unique experience that can yield massive rewards! At the moment, the max win for this game goes up to 25,000 your initial bet!

Crazy Time might seem pretty simple from the outside, but it’s anything but. Of course, we mean this in the best way! The game is live-streamed in a multi-colored studio, featuring a main money wheel, a top slot above it, and four bonus games. The game revolves around the main game and the bonus games. It’s easy to understand, essentially requiring players to place a bet on a number and wait for the results. Of course, you can spice up the gameplay as you go by including some of the additional game features that enhance the overall experience.

How It Works

The €3,000 Crazy Cash Show promo at Mr Green casino is one of the simplest promotions we’ve encountered in a while. Instead of adding tons of bells and whistles to make the promo stand out from the crowd, it sticks to a basic concept, and we can’t help but feel grateful for it. Essentially, players are automatically given 5 points for every €50 they bet on the Crazy Time game. Once their points total reaches 10 or more, they automatically qualify for an equal share of the €3,000 prize pool!

It’s worth noting that leader boards with the top 20 players will be published each cycle, with another one announcing the winners releasing 72 hours after the promo ends. Thanks to this, players can keep track of their progress and see if their name’s made it into the final draft! To keep better track of this offer, players can refer to the offer expiry timer on the offer window after they log in. The timer represents the remaining time left for the qualification period.


Mr Green Casino has done an excellent job of featuring another promotion that fans of Live Games can sink their teeth into. While it’s a much simpler promo than what most players are used to encountering these days, its basic setup is what gives it a unique charm.