Talking to Live Dealers

Ever played in a live casino? If you have, you surely know that the stream’s interface allows you to chat with the dealers. This unique feature gives live casinos a human touch and elevates the experience to another level.

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Thanks to live casinos, you can now enjoy a full-fledged Vegas experience on your mobile phone or tablet. You can easily enjoy real casino action without the need to leave your home. Even better, you can talk to the live dealers as well, provided that you stick to the guidelines. When it comes to live dealer etiquette, you shouldn’t say anything that you wouldn’t say to them in person.

Although a nice addition, you can’t just talk to the dealers for anything that crosses your mind. There are certain unwritten rules when it comes to talking to live dealers which you must respect. Since they are professionals who know their job pretty well, you should help maintain a professional tone. Continue reading to learn what you can and can’t talk to with dealers in a live casino.

Live Chat Etiquette

The live chat feature added a new level of realism and excitement to the already enticing live dealer games. 

It was added to the games as a social element and to bridge the gap between land-based and online casinos. Although the dealers can’t see you, they still greet you when you enter the game and can strike a convo as well. 

Of course, you can’t talk to them just about anything. There are rules you need to follow – after all, you’re not talking to a friend, but a professional doing their job to the best of their abilities.

As soon as you enter the game, the live dealer will greet you by your in-game name. Not greeting them back is rude. You need to remember that you’re not playing a computer. The live chat enables communication between humans on both “sides” of the stream, so being rude or letting emotions spill over can ruin the whole experience. 

This includes being pushy or name-calling – the latter is a surefire way to get yourself ejected from the table. As long as you keep things professional and polite, you’ll do fine. Once again, remember – you’re talking to another person on the other side.

Live Chat Do’s and Don’ts

Before you type something in the chatbox, keep in mind that everything is monitored. You could easily be ejected from the game due to inappropriate behavior, so don’t give the casino reason to expel you. Jokes are fine if you keep the humor toned down. You should treat the dealer and anyone else at the table with respect if you want to be treated with respect too.

Of course, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t talk about anyone’s beliefs or political views with a dealer. You’re in a live casino, not a pub. Stick to the topic at hand and play the game.

You should never be rude or pushy and keep in mind that the live dealer isn’t responsible for your losses or bad hands – you probably have no one but yourself to blame. Any talk about sensitive issues could hurt someone’s feelings at the table, so restrain from talking about stuff that doesn’t belong in a live casino. Seducing the pretty dealers is another thing you shouldn’t try.

You should also avoid sharing your personal details. Gambling in live casinos is anonymous and you should aim to keep it that way. The dealer will never misuse them, but other players at the table might. Also, you shouldn’t use the chat feature to get to the customer support team. There’s probably a different kind of live chat or at least an email listed on the website you can use.

Before sitting at the table, you should know the rules of the game you’re playing by heart. Live dealers can occasionally provide short information about the rules but don’t expect them to describe how the game is played. They are too busy for it and it simply doesn’t fit their job description. If you want more info on the live casino game, consult the casino’s game FAQ.

If you drank alcohol before sitting at the table, make sure you’re in control. Drinking and gambling is generally a bad idea as it often leads to mistakes you’ll regret. In short, when talking to a live dealer, be polite and kind. Don’t take your losses out on a dealer – they’re just doing their job.

Live Dealer Chat FAQ

No, the live dealer can’t see you. They can just see your display name and talk to you.

Of course! When someone greets you, don’t you greet them back? It’s the polite thing to do.

No, they can’t. Live dealers are there to run the game. Beyond that, they can’t really influence the game in any way and give the casino the edge over players.

Sharing your personal information at a table is never a good idea. The dealer won’t share your details, but the other players at the table might misuse them. Keep things anonymous – there’s no reason to tell your real name.