The Greatest Cards Show Live from Playtech: How to Play

Playtech is one of the leading live casino software providers. Part of its success comes from its ability to create exciting games other developers do not offer. The constant drive to innovate and try new things has inspired many exciting games over the years. One of them is The Greatest Cards Show, which combines a lucky wheel with a deck of playing cards.

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Alongside exciting gameplay, the release also has a fun and stylish backdrop that adds to the atmosphere. Join us for a thorough breakdown of The Greatest Cards Show as we figure out if it is worth playing.

What is The Greatest Cards Show Live?

The Greatest Cards Show is Playtech’s latest game show that combines several gameplay elements into one exciting release. It combines the exciting lucky wheel elements of previous game shows and card games to create a one-of-a-kind release!

The gameplay loop in this title is easy to follow, even if you are brand new to live casino games. It all comes down to predicting what the lucky wheel will show. You can also enjoy several bonus features in The Greatest Cards Show, which adds even more excitement to the release. If you want to win the big bucks, you will need to take advantage of these features.

How to Play The Greatest Cards Show Live?

Every round starts with a betting period, during which you place wagers on the betting grid. Players can bet that an individual number or a range of numbers will be drawn. You can also bet that the wheel will pick specific cards.

After wagering ends, a curtain opens behind the lucky wheel. It reveals between three and twelve playing cards, which will appear with silver or gold borders. If you win one of these cards, it activates a corresponding feature.

The host then spins the lucky wheel, with each position on it corresponding to a playing card or a joker. The wheel always spins in the opposite direction from the previous spin. If the wheel picks a card you bet on, you win a 40x cash prize.

The Greatest Cards Show Live Bonus Features

Playtech’s release has three fun features players can take advantage of. These include the Spotlight, Light Show, and Joker bonus rounds.

Spotlight activates if the big wheel selects a card with a silver border. All players that wagered on that card enter the bonus round. The feature turns on three spotlights, each displaying a randomly selected win multiplier ranging from 50x to 2,000x. One of these three multipliers is randomly chosen as the payout for the Spotlight feature.

If a gold-bordered card is picked by the wheel, it unlocks the Light Show bonus game. Eligible players pick one of three colours: yellow, blue, or green. The feature plays on a grid of twenty lights, each displaying a random multiplier whose value varies from 50x to 5,000x. A light beam bounces around the grid, randomly selecting one of the multipliers as the payout for the first lightbulb. The same process repeats for the other two colours, and the feature ends.

Last up is the Joker bonus game that activates if the wheel selects the Joker card. If consecutive Joker card picks occur, it increases the win multiplier that applies to the bonus round’s payout. The feature begins with the four card suits going to war with each other. Pick a card and hope it survives to the final round. Depending on how long it lasts, the cards have different rewards. The winning suit gets the best prize, the runner-up card receives the second prize, while third and fourth place shares the third prize.

Does The Greatest Cards Show Live Have Any Strategies?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no. There is no way to play The Greatest Cards Show strategically, as everything comes down to luck. The best way to try and stay ahead is to cover as much of the wheel as possible to give yourself a chance at winning regularly.

Playtech also gives players a results tracker that displays the outcomes of the last 45 rounds. You can try to use these to try and detect patterns to exploit, such as hot and cold numbers.

Is Playtech’s The Greatest Cards Show Live Worth Your Time?

Overall, we are quite pleased with how Playtech handled the release. It is unique and gives players many opportunities to score great prizes. As such, the team is happy to recommend The Greatest Cards Show to anyone who loves game shows.

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