What is Flat Betting Strategy and How to Use It in Baccarat

Players are always looking to get an edge over the casino. To that end, they will seek to employ strategies or betting systems to improve their odds. That applies to all games, but especially to baccarat. The simple gameplay loop makes it perfect for casino members to use these betting systems.

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One such strategy is the Flat Betting strategy, which offers consistent rewards to players. It also keeps your balance from swinging wildly! It sounds good on paper, but is it worth using when playing baccarat?

Flat Betting 101

The name of the strategy gives you a hint as to how it plays. You play the same amount of money on every round, regardless of its result. If you bet a fiver and win, your wager remains the same. If you lose the round, you keep the same stake. It is straightforward to the point where it does not feel like a strategy at all.

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However, the math behind this approach suggests it works. It all comes down to the banker bet being the best option to wager money on. If you keep putting money down on the banker bet, your odds of winning are better than any other stake. Keeping the amount flat each time means your balance stays stable.

Why Choose Flat Betting?

We covered live baccarat winning strategies before. We listed many other betting systems that are simple and rewarding in that article. Positive progression betting systems were our recommendation at the time since you increase your bet with each win. It feels better than Martingale, which doubles your bet with every loss.

Flat betting differs from these wagers because it does not maximize how much you win. This strategy keeps your balance stable. This keeps you playing longer and increases your chances of scoring more wins. Sure, they might not be as spectacular as wins from other betting strategies. However, you are never at risk of running out of money or hitting the table bet limit.

Is the Flat Betting Strategy Worth It?

It depends on what you want to accomplish when playing baccarat. If you will play riskily and try to score some big wins? The flat betting strategy is not for you. This strategy is built around making your balance last. It keeps the fun going for longer, and it gives you the highest chances of winning.

If that sounds good to you, we recommend using flat betting next time you play baccarat in a live casino. After a few sessions, its advantages should become evident.