Win Big With Mr Green’s €6,500,000 Giveaway Live Casino Promotion

Live Casino fans are often disappointed by the promotions they stumble upon in online casinos. Thankfully, it seems like their luck is changing. Mr Green’s new €6,500,000 Giveaway consists of two exciting parts, and best of all, they both apply to Live Dealer games!

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If there’s one thing players never get tired of, it’s a good promo. It’s safe to say that online casino connoisseurs often run into promotions at their favorite online gambling venue. While these enhancements aren’t a rarity, they’re usually not as good as fans hope. Unfortunately, this is especially true when Live Casinos come into play. Finding a rewarding Live Casino bonus can feel like chasing a unicorn, which is why Mr Green’s €6,500,000 Giveaway is such a gem! If you want to learn more about this top-tier promo, keep reading.

The Basics of the Promo

Mr Green is one of the most popular online casinos on the market right now. The operator routinely boasts new and creative promotions, hoping to draw in new players and retain those already in its lobby. Generally, the operator does a solid job of putting together enviable offers, and its €6,500,000 Giveaway is no exception! Players that participate during the promo period have a chance to win hefty prizes in one of two ways.

The easier route is to make qualifying bets on your favorite Live Casino games and hope you win a random Prize Drop! These rewards are daily, and they apply to select titles in the Live Dealer section of the operator. As we already mentioned, to qualify for this promo, you need to bet at least €1 on a game of your choice. This is more than enough to get your name on the list, and if lady luck is on your side, you could walk away with a Cash Prize in your account just 72 hours after winning.

The other way to participate in this promotion is by putting in some effort to climb the leaderboards in the weekly tournaments! There are three types of tournaments available to Live Dealer fans right now. They include Weekly Roulette Tournaments, Weekly Blackjack Tournaments, and Weekly Baccarat Tournaments. Qualifying for this part of the promo is a bit more complicated. To do so, players need to have at least two qualifying consecutive wins made with two qualifying bets.

Important Terms & Details

The first thing players should note is that the €6,500,000 Prize Pool encompasses the entire promo period. Every month, players can expect the Prize Pool to consist of around 500,000. Of course, this doesn’t mean the prizes you’ll receive won’t be worthwhile! Players should be prepared to walk away with some life-changing sums, especially if they’re putting in the work to rank up high during the weekly promos. Even the Daily Prize Drops sums might surprise you. Keep an eye out for both, and make sure your deposits meet the minimum qualification thresholds set by Mr Green.

Another important thing to note is that the points you amass during your leaderboard grind reset each week. If you’ve been lucky enough to win one week, it doesn’t mean your cumulative sum of points will transfer to the next one. If you want to continue thriving, you’ll need to invest the time and effort required to do so. There are a few more terms & conditions players should watch for. You can learn more about these by visiting the official promotional page at the operator.