Authentic Gaming Presents New Live MultiBet Baccarat

Following the success of live baccarat games, it was just a matter of time before Authentic got in on the action. The team already launched MultiPlay Live Blackjack, which was quite successful for the game. It also gives us a hint as to what to expect from MultiBet Baccarat in the future. Traditional gameplay paired with tons of side bets! Add the traditional Authentic polish, and you have a winning formula on your hands.

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The launch of MultiBet Baccarat is something the developer has been planning for a while. It was mentioned in Authentic Gaming’s 2021 expansion plans. There, we were given a brief overview of what the game would be about. Now that we finally have it in front of us, we can give it a more thorough review. In this article, we discuss what Authentic Gaming has in store for us with their latest release!

How to Play MultiBet Baccarat

Unlike many modern live casino titles, MultiBet Baccarat does not try to change the core baccarat gameplay. Instead, Authentic Gaming prioritizes player choice. The game comes in both a standard and no-commission mode. Additionally, this release allows you to play side bets without placing a bet on the main hand. With sixteen available side bets, MultiBet Baccarat gives you more side bets than any other online baccarat in the world!

Every round starts with a betting round. During this time, players can place wagers on all main bets and side bets they like. All bets must be placed before the timer runs out. After the timer expires, the round continues.

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Authentic Gaming makes the rounds go faster by dealing all cards face up. This means you will immediately see the results of the round. The dealer draws for both player and banker positions. Then, depending on the results, a third card is drawn for one or both sides. The goal of each betting position is to get as close to nine as possible.

If your hand total goes up to ten or more, the first digit is removed. That means a hand total of thirteen will be worth three points instead. Once both sides reach their final score, their values are compared. The one closest to number nine will win the round.

MultiBet Baccarat Side Bets

This game has quite a few side bets that players can take advantage of. The simplest of them is the pair side bets. Players can play the player pair, banker pair, perfect pairs, and either pair side bets. Player and Banker pair are self-explanatory. You win an 11:1 payout if your chosen side draws a pair of cards. Perfect pairs pay 25:1 if the two cards match in both value and suit. Finally, either pair pays 5:1 if a pair is formed on either banker or player side.

Banker natural and player natural side bets pay if your hand scores a natural. A natural win occurs if said hand draws an eight or nine with the first two cards. Both natural side bets pay 4:1.

Big and Small side bets pay 0.54:1 and 1.5:1, respectively. Small pay if the round ends with four cards drawn. Big pay if the round ends with five or six cards drawn.

A similar set of side bets are the Player & Banker Total Points. The goal is to predict whether the player and banker hands will have a total point count of over or under 9.5 points. Under 9.5 pays 1.23:1, while over 9.5 pays 0.7:1.

The Dragon side bet can be played on both player and banker positions. Similar to the natural side bet, players have to score a natural win. However, the Dragon side bet also requires there to be enough of a point difference to pay winnings out.

  • A 4 point difference pays 1:1
  • A 5 point difference pays 2:1
  • A 6 point difference pays 4:1
  • A 7 point difference pays 6:1
  • An 8 point difference pays 10:1
  • A 9 point difference pays 30:1

Players can also play a Dragon 7 side bet. It wins if the banker position wins with a three-card hand worth seven points. Authentic Gaming pays 40:1 if you guess it correctly.

The final side bet is Panda 8, which works similarly to the Dragon 7 wager. It pays 25:1 if the player wins with a three-card hand worth eight points.