Authentic Gaming Unveils Plans for 2021 Expansions

Authentic Gaming started as a niche software provider in 2015, and has since grown into a prominent live casino developer. Now entering their sixth year, the team are showing no signs of slowing down. If anything, Authentic shows us they still have plenty of ambition burning within them.

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Very recently, the software provider announced their plans to grow further in 2021. The company announced existing studio expansions, brand new studios, instant rewards for live casinos and several new games! Join us as we go in-depth on all of these topics.

Studio Expansions

When we wrote 2021 expansions in the title, we were not kidding at all. The developers seek to grow their existing playing space by a fair amount. Authentic Gaming’s Malta studio will be doubled in size this year. This would be a major announcement by itself, considering it was their only studio for a while. However, the software provider did not stop there.

Their new studio in Georgia will also be expanded, though not at the same level as their Malta operation. On top of that, the team announced they would be launching a second studio somewhere in Europe. Sadly, we do not know where this new studio will be located. However, this major studio expansion shows us the developers are gearing up to offers a massive amount of new games.

Our Favourite Live Casinos

Games, Games, Games

No exact details on what new releases from Authentic Gaming we can expect are available. However, the software provider did give us a small preview of the experiences they hope to offer in 2021.

XL Roulette draws inspiration from rival titles like Lightning Roulette and Quantum Roulette. You can draw up to eleven lucky numbers, and each one can offer a 500x bonus payout. Unique to XL Roulette is the fact you control how many lucky numbers will be available. The software provider did not mention how it would work exactly. Our guess would be that additional lucky numbers will cost you more per wheel spin.

Sticking to what they know best, Authentic Gaming announced another roulette table. MultiWin roulette promises payouts even if you barely miss your number. We know very little outside of the name, unfortunately. If we had to guess, the game probably grants prizes for numbers near the winning number. How that will actually work remains to be seen.

MultiBet Baccarat brings Authentic Gaming’s polish to an unlimited player baccarat game. The developers boast this title offering the most side bets available compared to any other live baccarat game. According to the team, MultiBet Baccarat will display cards face-up, speeding up each round.

MultiPlay Blackjack makes room for multiple players, multiple side bets and multiple ways to win. You can stick to existing odds, or try your luck with one of eight different side bets. Best of all? All eight side bets can be played without wagering on the main bet.

Finally, Authentic Gaming plans to launch two new game shows in 2021. However, they made no announcement in regards to how these releases will function or what we should expect. All we know is that they will feature a mix of live and RNG aspects.

Instant Live Casino?

Along with all of these announcements, the company also hinted at launching instaLIVEcasino. The software provider hopes to reinvent the live lobby to make live casinos instant. It would definitely be something with the potential to turn live dealer games on their head. Exactly how Authentic Gaming plans to do this remains unknown.

If we had to guess, we are expecting the developers to build games similar to Evolution’s Live Instant Roulette. In that game, twelve roulette wheels are constantly spinning. As one stops to display the result, another starts up. This allows players to enjoy instant roulette action, as there is always a wheel ready for them. However, we are not sure how this design would be applied to other live dealer games.

Either way, it seems like Authentic Gaming has it all figured out. They also intend to add bonus chips to their live casino offerings. This would allow instant rewards for players if they meet specific conditions.

We have no idea how half of the ideas the Malta-based team would work. The fact they boldly announced them all shows their commitment to growing in 2021, as well. We will be watching their latest releases with increased interest!