Best Performing Live Sic Bo Versions & History of the Game

Sic Bo is a traditional dice game that became quite popular in Asia. Cultural exchange spread the game worldwide, though it never reached the same heights as it did in Asia. The simple gameplay makes Sic Bo very easy to tune and adjust. Perfect for coming up with fresh new takes on the existing release.

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Unsurprisingly, many software providers took the opportunity to put their spin on the game over the years. We have seen the game combined with other titles or had extra elements added. Join us as we dive into the best performing live Sic Bo versions available for players to enjoy.

Mega Sic Bo

Mega Sic Bo was the first live casino dice game produced by Pragmatic Play Live. The developer used its recognizable brand name and connections to spread its live games across numerous online casinos. Furthermore, that aggressive expansion helped players experience many titles in Pragmatic’s live dealer library. Including Mega Sic Bo!

Mega Sic Bo plays similarly to standard Sic Bo. Casino members place wagers on various dice combinations. If they come true, you receive the corresponding prize. Mega Sic Bo randomly applies multipliers to some bet positions. Where the multipliers appear is chosen after the betting round ends.

The top payout this game can produce is 1,000x. You can only land it by correctly guessing the specific triple bet and getting the maximum multiplier. The game’s RTP is 97.22%.

Super Sic Bo

Evolution’s take on Sic Bo with multipliers is the most popular one. Then again, being number one is just something Evolution does casually. Super Sic Bo set the formula for other casino games to follow. If your favourite online casino has this game, you owe it to yourself to try it.

The game keeps the core Sic Bo gameplay loop. Players choose what dice combination they think will appear on the board. If they get it right, they receive an appropriate reward. Super Sic Bo randomly applies multipliers to payouts of specific combinations. If you want our recommendation on what wagers to play, you can check out our Best Super Sic Bo Bets guide.

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Playing this release, the top prize you can win is 1,000x for a specific triple bet. You need to guess the dice correctly and hope you get the maximum multiplier to win it. The RTP for this release is 97.22%, identical to Mega Sic Bo.

Ultimate Sic Bo

Another prominent software provider who tackled multiplier Sic Bo is Ezugi. Their Ultimate Sic Bo is not as well-known as the other two games. However, it can still produce some fantastic wins if you get lucky enough.

Every round starts with players betting on what dice combinations will appear. You win if you correctly predict which ones the dice shakers will produce. Ultimate Sic Bo randomly picks a multiplier at the betting period’s end. How big the multiplier can get depends on the wager as well.

The highest possible reward is a 1,000x multiplier. You receive it if you correctly predict the specific triple combination. That combination has to receive the maximum possible multiplier to make the top prize possible. The RTP for Ultimate Sic Bo is 97.22%.

Sic Bo History

Before Sic Bo became a favourite for staff, it was a popular game in Asia. Its roots draw from ancient China, where martial artists used it to relax between training. Standard dice were not available yet, meaning they used various objects. The game eventually spread among the masses, becoming a popular pastime in China.

Sic Bo did not make it across the ocean despite its current global popularity until 2003. Meanwhile, online Sic Bo got its start sometime later. It was one of the first innovations of live dealer software providers. Sic Bo’s success helped pave the way for many other live casino game types. It even produces its variants, whose massive multiplier wins keep players coming back for more.