Best Bets to Play at Live Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bo takes a traditional Asian dice game and uses it as a baseline for a wholly new experience! By adding multipliers into the mix, this release gives players an opportunity to win massive payouts with each spin. With such an impressive winning potential, we have to wonder what our best approach to winning big is.

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Evolution Gaming launched this title in 2019, in an effort to diversify their portfolio. While the game has not seen that much attention since it has a loyal following that loves this game! It does not matter if you have never heard of it before or if you are a long-term Sic Bo fan. This release has a little something for everyone to enjoy, thanks to its multipliers randomly improving certain winning combinations.

While predicting where a multiplier will land is impossible, you can plan around it in hopes of winning big! Today, we will review what the best bets for Live Super Sic Bo players are. Keep in mind our list assumes you are looking to maximize your wins on each round.

Numbers Bets

Now, we understand that betting on a Triple that gives you a chance to win a 999:1 prize is tempting. However, the downside of that wager is the incredibly low odds of it occurring. In contrast, several number bets can be scored using multiple dice combinations. There are only a few ways to roll a 4 or 17. There are a whole lot more ways to score a 9 or 12!

As such, one of your best bets is to play multiple number wagers that have a high chance of appearing. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 all have a decent chance of being drawn and will pay 6:1 or 8:1 if scored. Furthermore, the randomly occurring multiplier can increase their payout up to 24:1 or 49:1 if you get lucky. We consider this wager the best of both worlds when it comes to Live Super Sic Bo.

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Safe but Spicy

Another good strategy is to combine multiple wagers and plan them ahead of time. What bets can you combine to give you a decent reward while still giving you an occasional win? These stakes do a good job at keeping you in the game while still offering a way to win big. There are a few bets you can use that takes advantage of this approach.

Our favourite involves playing any two dice combo and a single number bet. The single number wager must be a different number than the ones covered by the two dice combo. The two dice combos all pay 5:1 when won, and can be increased to 24:1. Meanwhile, the single number wager pays 1:1 for one die, 2:1 up to 19:1 for a double, or 3:1 up to 87:1 for a triple.

High Risk High Reward

If you are after the biggest wins possible, you will have to play more risky wagers. The top payout is 999:1 for a specific triple wager boosted for its maximum value. The odds of winning this wager are incredibly low. You need all three dice to show the exact number you bet on. If you do manage it, you are looking at a 150:1 reward at least!

Other high-risk high reward bets include total bets for numbers 4 or 17 and 5 or 16. 4 or 17 pay 50:1 when won normally, and can be increased up to 499:1! 5 or 16 scores 20:1 under normal circumstances. The prize can be boosted through multipliers to reach a maximum value of 249:1.

What Bets Should I Play?

Fundamentally, what option you decide to go for should will depend on the sort of player you are. All wagers we listed here have their difficulties. Numbers is the easiest one, since you are wagering on numbers that will appear most frequently. Two dice combo plus a single number bet is another great, low-risk wager you can choose to play.

However, if your goal is to win big no matter what, you will need to play one of the higher risk bets. Placing a stake on a specific triple bet is the only way to score the maximum prize. As a result, we at cannot answer this question for you. Plan your bets in consideration of your budget and how much money you would like to win.