Boost Your Winnings by Playing Evolution’s Brand New XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

When Lightning Roulette first launched, it became one of the most popular releases on the planet. It proved that the combination of multipliers and table games was a viable option. Over the years, Evolution would introduce multipliers to many other live casino games thanks to Lightning Roulette’s success. However, Evolution did not innovate on the multiplier roulette games until now.

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Fortunately, the team is offering something new to their players in the form of XXXtreme Lightning Roulette. The game retains the familiar gameplay of the original title many of us fell in love with. However, it also brings new additions to the mix that drastically increase the potential payout!

How to Play XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

The game keeps the standard roulette gameplay loop. Casino members place bets on the betting table. Furthermore, you can bet a variety of inside and outside bets. Keep in mind that only Straight Up wagers can benefit from the multipliers. Players have until the timer runs out to place any wagers they want to play. After the timer expires, the ball starts spinning in the Auto Roulette wheel.

While the ball is spinning, the host pulls a lever. That prompts the game’s random number generator to pick up to five random lightning multipliers. The multipliers range from 50x to 500x. You can see the affected numbers and their current multiplier on the user interface and in the game show environment.

Chain Lightning can strike in each game round. It generates up to nine additional Chain Lightning multipliers on bet spots. Lightning multipliers and Chain Lightning multipliers can create up to ten multiplier bet spots in a single game round.

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Alongside all these features, Evolution added the Double Strikes mechanic. It acts as a second round of lightning, increasing existing multipliers! Increased multiplies range from 600x up to 2,000x.

Eventually, the wheel stops spinning. The ball falls into one of the numbered pockets, picking the winning number. If your bet covers that number, you receive the appropriate cash prize.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette Payouts & RTP

This release offers all the familiar inside and outside bets. Outside bets are safer to play since they cover more numbers. This gives them better odds of winning. Red/Black, Odd/Even, and 1-18/19-36 cover 18 numbers and pay 1:1 if won. Dozen and Column stakes cover 12 numbers and grant a 2:1 payout.

Supported inside bets include Line, Corner, Street, Split, and Straight Up. You can see their payouts listed below.

  • Line covers six numbers and pays 5:1
  • Corner covers four numbers and pays 8:1
  • Street covers three numbers and pays 11:1
  • Split covers two numbers and pays 17:1
  • Straight Up covers a single number and pays 19:1

Straight Up’s payout without a multiplier is significantly decreased over a standard roulette table. However, with the multiplier, Straight Up can pay up to 1,999:1.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette has an RTP of 97.1% if you play Straight Up bets and chase multipliers. Other wagers in the game have a slightly higher RTP, which is 97.3%. Keep in mind these bets cannot benefit from the multiplier.

Is XXXtreme Lightning Roulette Worth Playing?

Casino members who play this Evolution release are in for a fun time. XXXtreme Lightning Roulette’s name tells you exactly what to expect. The developer took Lightning Roulette, added more features, upped the volatility, and relaunched it. The final product is one of the best live casino games that we have played recently.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette might not be a game-changer like the original release was. However, the 2,000x top prize and increased ways to win multipliers will still win over many players. We highly recommend this release to anyone who finds it attractive!