Can Blackjack Strategy Charts Help You Win?

One of the most common claims about live blackjack is that it is a game with a well-defined strategy. It has helped the title reach previously unimaginable heights! With the low house edge that basic blackjack strategy offers, players can enjoy hours of top-tier fun even with a small budget.

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As the popularity of the blackjack strategy grew, so did the tools to make it more accessible. One of the most common ones is a strategy chart. Are these charts worth using, and can they really help you win? Read on to find out.

What are Blackjack Strategy Charts, Anyways?

The usual problem with relying on the basic blackjack strategy is the format. You need to tell players the ideal play for every possible card combination in the game. That includes what cards you have, whether the hand is hard or soft, what is the host’s visible card, etc. Just writing the whole thing down makes the entire thing look scary and overly complicated.

That is where blackjack strategy charts come into play! Rather than detailing how every round is played, charts place all outcomes on a table. It usually lists the player’s possible hands from top to bottom and the dealer’s visible card from left to right. Using the chart is as simple as looking at the combination that describes what is currently on your table. It will then tell you if you should hit, stand, double down, or split.

It is important to ensure the chart you are using lines up with the table’s rules. The best play changes depending on when the dealer stops drawing cards or the number of decks. Additionally, blackjack strategy charts are usually colour-coded to simplify finding relevant information. For example, hitting is always green, stopping is red, etc.

Can Blackjack Strategy Charts Help Me Win?

A better way to form the question is by asking if basic blackjack strategy works. The answer to that is a resounding yes! Blackjack strategy predates live casino games and was proven to be the best way to play each hand using math. Even software providers implement blackjack strategy in their games, as is the case with Majority Rules Speed Blackjack by Playtech.

Blackjack strategy charts do not change the availability of live blackjack strategies. Instead, they just make taking advantage of that strategy easier. We even recommend doing that if you are a new live blackjack player. You will get in the groove of things faster and increase your odds of winning.

Wins are Not Guaranteed

One of the things that get lost in all the talk about blackjack strategy is luck. Ultimately, blackjack is a game of probability. Blackjack strategy charts can help you play each round optimally, that is true. However, they cannot save you if the host gets a blackjack win or luck is not on your side.

Blackjack strategy charts are designed to account for every possible combination of player and dealer hands. That said, they do not change the fact some combinations are just better than others. That is why so many strategy charts recommend standing if you have a soft 17. Attempting anything with such a hand is an almost guaranteed loss due to the player going over 21.

In Conclusion

Can blackjack strategy charts help you win more frequently? Absolutely. Playing the mathematically proven best outcomes will naturally lead to payouts happening more often. However, you should not rely on strategy charts to guarantee wins. Luck is still the leading factor in any casino game, and blackjack is no exception. Strategy charts are an excellent resource we at highly recommend you use. As you become more familiar with the game, you will need it less and less. And once you know the strategy by heart, you can call yourself a real blackjack pro!

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