Clash of the Gonzo’s: What Game Will Come Out On Top?

If you’re a slots fan, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Gonzo, NetEnt’s famous Spanish explorer. His quest for the lost wealth of El Dorado has taken him off the reels and into a live casino setting.

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So far, Gonzo has been the star of two live casino games: Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt and Gonzo’s Treasure Map. In this article, we’ll compare the two titles and see how they stack up.

Game Shows Galore

Evolution went with a game show format for both releases. It’s no surprise, as it allows the team to use RNG elements familiar to slot players. Both games use a large grid split up into squares. However, the way they handle that playing area is very different.

Though we enjoyed Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, we can’t deny it has a harsh learning curve. You bet what symbols you want to wager on and the number of picks you get. After that, the wall becomes blank and shuffles the icons beneath. You then use your picks to reveal the hidden icons.

You win the corresponding cash prize if a symbol you bet on is shown. Multipliers, bonus prizes, and re-drops can boost your payouts and extend the bonus feature.

It’s engaging, but it’s not exactly easy. Evolution agreed, which is why Gonzo’s next adventure slimmed things down considerably. Gonzo’s Treasure Map tasks you with placing coins on squares, with the player winning if gold or treasure blocks land on that square. It’s functionally similar to Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt but much more intuitive.

We also like the bonus feature in Gonzo’s Treasure Map more. If both a Gonzo key and a gold or multiplier block are present on the same square, you activate the Bonus Round. It reveals a wall full of multipliers and a single ruby block. It stops on a random column before dropping onto a stone within that column.

If the block stops on a multiplier, the feature ends and your bet is increased by the selected multiplier. If it lands on a Double tile, it doubles all multipliers and repeats the bonus feature.

Comparing the Math

Despite similar gameplay, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt has a clear edge over its rival. Its RTP is 96.56%, whereas Gonzo’s Treasure Map sits at 95.26%.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt also wins in the payouts department. The maximum amount you can win in that game is $1,000,000, versus just $500,000 in Gonzo’s Treasure Map.

Which Game Show Should I Choose?

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either one. We found Gonzo’s Treasure Map to be the more entertaining of the two. It has a traditional bonus feature that builds excitement whenever you trigger it. In Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, the features show up on every spin, but you only win them sometimes. As a result, you don’t feel a thrill when you see the bonuses appear. Instead, you get disappointed you didn’t get them this round. That said, jackpot chasers will prefer Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt much more. The better RTP and higher top prize will be a deciding factor for many players. No matter which Evolution game show you pick, you’re guaranteed a fun live casino game.

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