Lightning Storm by Evolution, what we know so far

Year after year, Evolution proves why they are by far the best company when it come to inventing live casino games. This year they will present Lightning Storm. This is what we know so far about this game.

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Every year in January, the world’s best live casino game provider, Evolution, presents its new games. This year the big bang of the new releases will be Lightning Storm!

We had the privilege of seeing a presentation of this promising live casino game in London.

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About Lightning Storm

Once again, Evolution has chosen to bring a new MoneyWheel game to the market with attractive bonuses. The wheel, which is once again a Digiwheel, consists of 39 segments. Each new game features a live dealer spinning the wheel, with additional bonuses and multipliers appearing on the wheel. This gives players extra chances to win big prizes.

The game is presented from Evolution’s live studio. A live host presents the game and also acts as the game leader when bonus games need to be presented.

Lightning Storm Live Studio

The Moneywheel

As with the live casino game Funky Time, the Digiwheel is used for the Moneywheel. There are 39 segments on the money wheel, divided as follows: numbers 1 to 20 and 19 segments with the Evolution logo. During spinning, random multipliers and bonus symbols appear on the wheel.

Betting Options

Players have 22 different betting options. They can bet separately on each number, which includes numbers 1 through 20. If the wheel ends on this number, the payout is 35 times the bet. They can also choose to bet on the Evolution Logo, which pays 1:1. But the most exciting bet is on the bonus games.

If a bet is placed on the bonus games and the wheel lands on it, the player automatically participates in the bonus game. Let’s look at the bonus games one by one.

The Bonuses of Lightning Storm

The game features five different bonuses. Each spin reveals bonuses on random positions on the wheel, sometimes supplemented with a nice multiplier.

Hot Spot

Hot Spot is a bonus round similar to the Cash Hunt bonus round of Crazy Time. A giant grid of 12 by 9 segments appears on the screen, displaying multipliers. Each participant in the bonus game selects his square on the board, and after the choice time is over, the board reveals the multipliers behind the chosen squares. As an extra winning chance, the host connects two sides of a plug. This causes an electric shock to a certain part of the playing field, increasing prizes in that square.

Monster Mash

In Monster Mash, you build your own Frankenstein. In the studio, the live host stands by a kind of vertical slot machine. The machine has three rows stacked on top of each other. The bottom row features images of legs of the Frankenstein to be built. The middle row has the torso, and the top row has the head. Multipliers are attached to each body part. There are also golden body parts that multiply the multipliers. When the body is complete, all multipliers are added up and applied to your bet.

Battery Charger

In Battery Charger, you enter a virtual factory where batteries are coming off a conveyor belt. Each battery is caught and tested for charge by a small rotating disk. If the battery is charged, you receive the multiplier associated with that battery. There’s also a chance for a 2x to fall in the mix, which multiplies the charge of all batteries with this bonus doubler.

Thunder Ball

The Thunder Ball bonus game takes you to a separate section in the live studio where the live host is waiting. On the screen, you see a giant bin with compartments containing multipliers. Above the bin hangs a basket where the host places a ball. Right below the ball in the bin is a small pointed elevation. By pressing a button, the ball falls out of the basket and onto the pointed elevation, causing the ball to bounce randomly in the bin. Eventually, the ball comes to a stop on a multiplier, which is then multiplied by your bet, giving you your bonus prize.

Lightning Storm

The live dealer takes you to a virtual rooftop of a skyscraper for the Lightning Storm bonus game. On the rooftop stands a gigantic fence with multipliers that will be struck by lightning. When lightning strikes, one or more multipliers will light up, and these are added together.

The possible multipliers are: 50x, 75x, 100x, 150x, 250x, 500x, 1000x, and 2500x. Additionally, separate multipliers of 2x, 3x, and 5x can be added, which then affect the total multiplier. Here, you can really hit big. An extra element of this bonus game is that you can accept or decline the bonus. In total, there are 3 lightning strikes with a certain result. If you find the first strike insufficient, you can reject it and get another one.

Note that you can’t go back to the previous one, so rejecting means you can’t claim that bonus anymore. If the bonus is to your liking, you click on accept and receive that multiplier. Note that other players may choose to continue playing, so you’ll also see the result of subsequent lightning strikes that you can’t claim. All very thrilling and fun.

Tips & Strategy

Although the game is not yet available to play anywhere live, we can confidently say that you should always bet on the bonus games. There are two main reasons for this. First, they are the most enjoyable aspects of the game, and we can imagine it would be quite frustrating to see all the bonus games but not be able to participate in any. Second, the biggest prizes are won with the bonus games. So if you want to make a nice profit with Lightning Storm, make sure to bet on the bonus games.

FAQ about Lightning Storm

The expectation is in Q3 of 2024.

The game was conceived and made by Evolution.

The maximum win per game is limited to €500,000.

The game has a total of five different bonus games.

The RTP is 96.7%.