Enter Evolution’s Smart Lobby with Quick Navigation & Smart Search

Time is the most valuable resource any of us has. With limited free time each day, many seek the path of least resistance. The easier it is to find something entertaining, the greater the odds you choose to focus on that. For that reason, appealing to players and drawing them in as painlessly as possible is a must. That is precisely what Evolution hopes to achieve with their latest Smart Lobby addition.

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The team adds various features to make finding something fun to play seamless and engaging. This article will take a closer look at Evolution’s Smart Lobby. What features does it offer? What changes does it make from the original? Join us for an in-depth dive into Evolution’s greatest non-game-related addition in years.

Navigation powered by AI

One of the most significant additions to Evolution’s Smart Lobby is its recommendation engine. It uses AI to track what games you play and then recommends new releases based on that. Think of it like Netflix or Youtube suggesting what to watch based on your watch history; the same principle applies here.

The lobby has a special ‘For You’ segment where you can find these recommendations. The space also has recently played games listed in the order you played them. That straightforward approach makes it remarkably simple to return to a game you enjoyed.

Game categories make a return in the new Smart Lobby. Once again, players can sort games by type. One click or tap and you are browsing for releases you are interested in. The lobby allows you to sort through blackjack, baccarat & sic bo, roulette, poker, land-based, and game shows categories. Additional subcategories can narrow down your results further.

Another excellent addition Evolution offers is the Smart Search. The improved version of searching will display games even with a broad descriptor. Just write dice in the search bar will show dice games. That includes Craps, Super Sic Bo, or Bac Bo, despite those titles not having dice in their name.

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Games Preview

We also love the addition of a games preview to Evolution’s Smart Lobby. Did you ever see a title that seemed exciting but unsure if it suited you? The games preview option shows you a live video stream of the action happening in the title. You launch the preview by hovering over the window on a computer or by tapping once on mobile.

Alongside watching the action, a preview will also show some details about the game. Casino members can see bet limits, the last few winning numbers, and a short game description. The lobby will also have recommendations for titles similar to it.

The exact details of what you see will differ between games. For example, games like baccarat which use roads will show road statistics instead of winning numbers. Additionally, the lobby will label games, such as a New tag on all newly released titles.

Evolution also allows us to play a game while browsing the Smart Lobby. It minimizes the release in the bottom right corner of your screen. That way, you can keep an eye on the action and a seat at the table while browsing the lobby. Simply clicking or tapping the preview in the corner will put you back in the game.

Information at a Glance

The developer also does an excellent job of displaying what tables are available in a live casino. If a game tile shows like usual, with no lock pads or greyed–out screens, it is open to playing. On mobile, recently played games will have a big play button on the game tile, allowing you to jump back in the action instantly.

Evolution’s Salon Prive tables offer an exclusive experience by just letting one player in per table. If a Salon Prive table is played by someone else, the game tile will have a lock pad on the tile. It will also say occupied, so you will know you have to go hunting for another table.

While many Evolution releases are available 24/7, that is not the case with all tables. When a table closes down, it will display text when it reopens. The opening hours on-screen use your local time, so you do not have to bother with time zone conversion.