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Evolution Gaming loves including enticing jackpots into its most popular games. Their best ones are the Casino Hold’Em Jumbo 7, Caribbean Stud Poker and Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker First Five jackpots.

These are arguably the highest yielding progressive jackpots online. However, they are only available to casino operators who purchase a special license from Evolution Gaming. They are very lucrative side bets which can increase substantially players’ winnings from the main game.

Many people claim that it is these jackpots which make their respective games the hits that they actually are. This is because Evolution Gaming goes the extra mile to make games more interesting by incorporating bonus features. The three jackpots here are a prime example of the importance of these bonus features.

Jumbo 7 Progressive Jackpot

The Jumbo 7 Progressive Jackpot is funded by Evolution Gaming at the beginning of a game. This means that there is always a minimum of one million dollars to be won. This first million is always provided by Evolution Gaming.

This is definitely Evolution Gaming’s highest starting amount for any of their jackpots. What’s more, it is also one of the highest starting jackpot amounts online. Even when the jackpot has just been won, players can win it again and win at least one million dollars.

This creates very high player volumes for the game and the jackpot becomes quite high in turn. In fact, it is perfectly normal for the Jumbo 7 Progressive Jackpot to increase to ten times its initial sum.

However, live casino operators must know that to get the Jumbo 7 Progressive Jackpot they have to have the EG license. Not all casino operators can afford to offer the Jumbo 7 Progressive Jackpot to their players and that’s a pity. This is because there are many more aspects to the Jumbo 7 Progressive Jackpot than just the huge main payout. The Jumbo 7 Jackpot is what is known as a layered payout jackpot. This means that it also has fixed payouts for its second level of Jumbo 7 Progressive Jackpot prizes.

This means that the 7-Card Straight-Flush is not the only hand that pays out. For example, the 6-Card Straight Flush payouts worth 5,000 to 1. Other, lower-value hands, can also yield huge payouts.

Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot

Caribbean Stud Poker is interesting as a game on its own. However, by including the Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot, Evolution Gaming has managed to make it even more interesting.

Evolution Gaming funds this jackpot less generously than the previous one, but still starts with initial 50,000 dollars. As new bets are made, the jackpot steadily increases in value until it is finally won.

To win this top level progressive jackpot a player must have a Royal Flush. However, even players with lower value hands qualify to win fixed money prizes. This is achieved through Caribbean Stud Poker’s second level of prizes.

Even a hand which is as low as Three of a Kind, qualifies for the second tier or fixed value prizes. Other hands which qualify for this second level of prizes include a Straight, Flush, Full House, and higher. The Straight Flush is very lucrative even as a second level prize. In fact, with its odds of 2,500 to 1, it pays out better than most main jackpots out there.

Bets for the Caribbean Stud Poker Progressive Jackpot are placed at the beginning of a new game. It is important to know that the outcome of the main game has no effect on the jackpot. This means that even if you lose in the main game, you can still win courtesy of the jackpot.

Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot​
Caribbean Stud Poker Gameplay​

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker First Five Jackpot

Evolution Gaming funds the Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker First Five Jackpot with initial $50,000. Players take it from there and increase the potential winnings arising from the jackpot with their every deposit.

The progressive jackpot in Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is won by players who have a Royal Flush. However, players with lower value hands qualify for Evolution Gaming’s second level of fixed value prizes.

These fixed value prizes are awarded to players having a certain hand. They range anywhere from Three of a Kind to higher-paying hands such as a Straight, Flush, Full House, or higher. The Straight Flush is considered as the highest fixed value prize and as such it pays out 2,500 to 1.

Bets for the Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker First Five Jackpot side game are placed before the new round has started. Betting on this side bet is completely optional. This means that players can simply stick to the main game if they want to and ignore the jackpot.

In addition to being optional, this progressive jackpot is also independent from the main game. This means that the outcome of the main game does not affect the outcome of the jackpot side bet. Players can lose to the dealer in the main game, but can win fixed value prizes courtesy of the jackpot.