Evolution’s 2021 Roadmap: New Games, Features, & Promo Tools

All eyes are on Evolution as the world increasingly focuses on live casino games. What the company does has huge impact on the iGaming industry. Fans wait for new games and competitors want to know what Evolution’s next ace might be. If you want to know what is next for this developer, we have good news for you. Evolution has given us a glimpse in their 2021 roadmap!

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Join us for a detailed deep dive on what new things the company plans to launch in 2021. Yes, new games are on the list. However, players will find all kinds of exciting features and functionalities that make playing their games easier and more fun.

Many Unique Games!

Unsurprisingly, Evolution plans to continue their successful game shows genre. To that end, they plan to launch two exciting releases. One of them is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, starring the famous NetEnt mascot. Another is Cash or Crash, a game where winning is easy, but keeping your win is hard!

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is played on a large board, which takes players on a simulated treasure hunt. You pick what stone slabs you want to bet on, and then cross your fingers that it will appear. As you wait for the grand reveal, your reward can be increased further.

However, the game that really charmed us is Cash or Crash. In this exciting title, players spin a wheel to win a great prize. Then, they have to go through several rounds trying to preserve their prize. You can choose how to split the funds you have won. Do you play it safe and make it out with something? Do you risk it all in hopes of winning the incredible jackpot it offers? The choice is yours.

Another fantastic addition is the introduction of Fan Tan Live. This Evolution release brings a casino game popular in Asia to a global audience. The goal of this release is to predict how many beads will remain at the end of the round. It is a low variance title with a super high RTP, similar to baccarat.

Speaking of baccarat, Evolution also plans to launch a game called Bac Bo. It plays almost identically to baccarat. There are two sides: banker and player. However, this game is played with four dice instead of cards. Each dice is rolled one at a time, creating an intense atmosphere right up to the end! The side with the highest point total after all the dice are played wins.

Reinforcing the Classics

Of course, Evolution is doing more than just bringing us new things. They are also revisiting some of their older games and adding new ideas to them. In 2021, Evolution plans to launch Lightning Blackjack.

Originally, we expected the game to give us multipliers on random cards. However, Evolution went a different route. Instead, we receive multipliers based on our performance in the last round. For example, beating the dealer with a blackjack, nets us a 25x multiplier for the next round. Beat them with a card total of 19 points, and you get an 8x multiplier.

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All blackjack games will also receive the new zooming feature. When playing blackjack in portrait mode, blackjack tables will now zoom in to make the cards easier to see. A small addition, but one that drastically improves quality of life.

Another new game to be on the lookout for is Golden Wealth Baccarat. In many ways, this title will be similar to Lightning Baccarat. Both games unlock multipliers, which you can then use to boost your payouts. However, Golden Wealth Baccarat allows you to chase a chain of multiplier cards. This allows you to create a big win, even with small bets. If done right, this could become a livecasino24.com favourite!

This addition comes after Evolution updated their baccarat tables to include the Red Envelope mechanic. These envelopes appear randomly on tie and pair bets, increasing their cash prizes. The team also plans to add a new widget that allows you to see trends on all Evolution baccarat tables. This will make it much easier to find and exploit trends, and it will be available on both desktop and mobile.