How to Play Fan Tan Live from Evolution

Evolution’s name has become synonymous with live casino games. The team has always been at the forefront of innovation, never content to sit on their laurels. They experiment with new things constantly and launch casino games other developers have not dared to try. Today, we see Evolution tackle a new challenge, called Fan Tan Live.

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This is a very popular casino game played in many Asian casinos. As live dealer games continue to become a global affair, Evolution seeks to diversify their offering. In this article, we will explain how Fan Tan Live is played, what payouts you can expect and if it has any special features.

Fan Tan

At first glance, Fan Tan can seem quite intimidating. However, similar to Evolution’s Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live, players will quickly get the hang of things. Each round begins with the host drawing a random number of beads from glass dome with a metal cup. These beads are placed at the centre of the table. The dealer will then use a special stick to start separating beads into groups of four.

The goal of Fan Tan Live is to predict how many beads will remain in the last group. There can be one, two, three or four beads. People who correctly predicted the number of beads receive a cash prize. When the round is over, the host drags all the beads back under the glass dome. When the next round starts, the same process is repeated. If you play with Evolution’s standard mode, Fan Tan Live is quite straightforward.

The RTP for this game is 98.75%. This places it above many of Evolution’s new game shows. With such an RTP, it joins the ranks of baccarat and blackjack as a high RTP casino game. Fan Tan Live even has a lower house edge than European Roulette, which is a staple live casino game.

All Available Bets

In standard mode, players can place three types of bets. The main bet, also referred to as a Fan Bet, is predicting the number of remaining beads. Pick the number that corresponds to the number of beads you think will remain. If you choose the right number, you win a 2.85:1 cash prize.

Players can also bet whether the final number of beads will be big or small. Big wins if the number of beads is three or four. Small wins if the number of beads is one or two. Odd or even bets try to guess if the number of beads will be odd or even. If the number of beads is odd (one or three), then odd wins. If the number of beads is even (two or four), then even wins. All four bets pay 0.95:1.

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Toggling advanced mode unlocks additional bets. One of these wagers is a Nim bet. Nim bets cover two numbers. If the first number is drawn, you win. If the second one appears, it results in a push. In a 2 Nim 4 bet, the number two would produce a win, and the number four would push. Nim bets pay 1.9:1.

Kwok bets cover two numbers, and both of them result in a win if drawn. However, this decreases the payout to 0.95:1. This is the same payout as big/small and odd/even bets, since the odds of winning are the same.

The last type of wager you can play is the Sheh-sam-hong bet, or the Ssh bet. Ssh bets cover three numbers, and all three numbers award a payout. The cash prize for winning an Ssh bet is 0.316667:1.

Worth Playing?

Once you get the hang of Fan Tan Live, it is difficult to stop playing. We had a blast with this Evolution release. With a high RTP and multiple bet options, we feel it has the potential to become a live casino mainstay. If you are unsure on whether to play this game, we recommend trying it out. It might just become your new favourite casino release!