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When it first came out, Crazy Time took the internet by storm. Pragmatic Play Live looked at its success and thought: ‘We can do better than that.’ This marked the start of Treasure Island, a thrilling game show with plenty of special features. Each one offers a unique experience, encouraging you to keep playing until you get a feel for every bonus.

Will this title live up to the high expectations players have for a Crazy Time competitor? Our review goes over the ins and outs of this live dealer game to determine whether it is worth your time.

Here You Can Play Treasure Island

How to play Treasure Island

Time needed: 4 minutes

Treasure Island uses a 54-segment wheel that contains gems, instant bonuses, and special features. Each has its own bet spot, requiring you to wager on them to win prizes and unlock bonuses. To help players learn how to play this game, we compiled this step-by-step guide. Follow along, and you’ll be a game show pro before you know it.

  1. Find a reputable live casino that offers this game

    Before you can start playing this title, you have to find the right live casino. We recommend one of our suggested websites, which our reviewers looked over and approved. After registering an account, go to the live casino section and launch Treasure Island. The casino will then take you to the live studio of Pragmatic play Live. There will a live host present this live casino game show.
    Treasure Island HT2 LC24

  2. Place bets on the board

    You have a limited time to place one or more wagers on the board. Each position you bet on increases how much you pay per round. In turn, you get more opportunities to win bonuses and cash prizes. Finding the right trade-off that works for your budget is essential if you plan to play for a long time.
    Treasure Island HT3 LC24

  3. The wheel draws the winner

    Once the timer hits zero, betting ends, and the host spins the wheel. Depending on where the arrow lands, you’ll either get a cash prize or trigger one of Treasure Island’s many bonuses. The game will also assign a random multiplier value to all three gems.
    Treasure Island HT4 LC24

  4. The round completes

    After payouts are awarded, the next round automatically starts again. Players can stick with the same wagers or make adjustments before the timer hits zero.
    Treasure Island HT1 LC24

With so many special features, you’re guaranteed to find at least one that suits your tastes. To help you find your new favourite, we discuss each bonus and what you can expect from them.

Bonus Features

Treasure Island has many different bonus games. Let’s take a closer look at each bonus.

Wild Collector

Wild Collector gives an instant win when the wheel stops on its segment. It takes all the gems within a highlighted range, adds up their respective multiplier values, and grants them as a reward.

Great Scavenger

Next on the list is the Great Scavenger, which is another instant win bonus. It calculates its payout using lit lights on each gem position. The number of lit lights is combined with each gem’s multiplier to form a cash prize. All three gem values are added together and then awarded at the end of the feature.

Ben’s Lost Marbles

Ben’s Lost Marbles draws inspiration from games like Pachinko. During the bonus, the feature will drop marbles from the top, which can be caught in pockets with visible multipliers. Furthermore, each pocket can hold up to ten marbles, which adds its multiplier value to your total win each time one lands. Three dice determine how many buckets of marbles you receive.

John Silver’s Loot

Fans of bingo will enjoy the John Silver’s Loot feature. In it, the game draws red, green, and yellow balls from a bingo machine. Each ball has a multiplier corresponding to the gem multiplier from the start of the round. The machine will draw up to ten balls, adding their values together. You can also draw black balls with red, green, or yellow gems. Black balls also add to the total awarded multiplier but reduce the number of drawn balls by five.

Billy Bones Map

First, a mini Moneywheel spins to determine the treasure that can be won in the second part of this bonus game. Billy Bones’ Map tasks players with finding three keys hidden on an 8×8 grid map. Players can pick five squares to reveal, showing the keys or a gem. Get all the keys, and you open a chest brimming with loot.

Captain Flint’s Treasure

Last up is Captain Flint’s Treasure, which is a simple pick-and-click game. Hidden among the barrels are skulls, which will end the feature if you select them. The goal is to advance through the six levels, drawing nothing but gems for a big payout. If you lose early, any gems you picked up will be granted as a cash prize.

Treasure Island Results

Like most game shows, Treasure Island uses a mix of lucky wheel and RNG to reward players. The latter is used in most features, so you’ll have to cross your fingers and hope the digital luck gods are on your side.

Billy Bones’ Map and Captain Flint’s Treasure are tied for most valuable features, capable of awarding up to 15,000:1. However, Ben’s Lost Marbles and John Silver’s Loot aren’t that far behind, with 10,000:1 potential jackpots. Both the features and the base game have similar RTPs, ranging from 96.50% to 96.58%.

Treasure Island Tracker

If you ever wondered what gem tends to win the most or what features trigger most frequently, Pragmatic Play Live has you covered. Their statistics page is full of helpful information, so we recommend looking at it before deciding what to bet on.


To call Treasure Island a Crazy Time clone would be doing it a disservice. While the game draws inspiration from Evolution’s masterpiece, it has its own set of features that offer a vastly different experience. We thoroughly enjoyed our time playing Treasure Island and warmly recommend it to all live game show fans.

FAQ about Treasure Island

Treasure Island is an exciting game show by Pragmatic Play Live with six bonuses and amazing top prizes.

You’ll need to trigger Billy Bones’ Map or Captain Flint’s Treasure features, then cross your fingers and hope you get lucky. Both bonuses can grant up to 15,000:1.

There are 15 bonus slots on the wheel out of 54 total. That comes out at slightly less than one in three chance, or 27.7%.

The most valuable gem is the ruby, whose payout varies between 3:1 and 100:1. However, it’s also the least likely gem to be selected by the wheel. That is because it occupies just 8 slots instead of 14 and 21, as the emerald and topaz do.

Its RTP ranges between 96.50% and 96.58%.