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OnAir Entertainment embarks on its first game show journey with Travel Fever. The title draws inspiration from releases like Evolution’s Crazy Time, which pioneered the feature-heavy gameplay this title is going for.

Players can either win a cash prize or unlock one of six bonuses during each round. On top of that, the game has a side bet you can take advantage of for a chance at bigger wins. Join us for a detailed review of Travel Fever and everything it has to offer.

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How to Play Travel Fever

Time needed: 4 minutes

Travel Fever’s gameplay revolves around the horizontal game wheel. It is relatively straightforward, though it can look daunting at first glance. To help players get started, we break down how to play this title in easy-to-follow steps.

  1. Open Travel Fever from your live casino’s lobby

    Visit any live casino that offers OnAir Entertainment games and head to their lobby page. From there, you’ll be able to find Travel Fever listed among all available titles. Click or tap on the game’s tile to launch it.
    Travel Fever LC24 HT1

  2. Place your bets

    You only have a limited time to place your wagers. You can bet on what continent the wheel will draw and what bonus feature will be activated. Additionally, placing a bet on the Continent Collect ensures you can participate in the side bet. Once the timer runs out, the round proceeds to the next stage.
    Travel Fever LC24 HT2

  3. The host spins the wheel

    The game presenter will spin the horizontal game wheel. It consists of an inner and outer circle, with the former being used to draw one of six continents. The outer circle can draw one of nine segments, determining whether you get a special feature, a payout, or a 9x multiplier.

    Travel Fever LC24 HT3

  4. Winnings are awarded

    After the winning continent is picked or a bonus is activated, the current round ends. If you correctly guessed where the wheel would stop, you will get an appropriate payout. If you fail to get it right, you lose the money you bet. Once the winners are paid out, the next round begins.

    Travel Fever LC24 HT4

Extra Features

The game takes advantage of both a physical wheel and RNG elements to attract players. With so many features, you’re guaranteed to find at least one to entertain you.

Happy Race

The Happy Race feature consists of six cars driving on a racetrack. Players must decide whether to steer the car left or right. The bonus consists of up to six rounds if players correctly guess the right direction. The wheel the game presenter spins will determine where the car goes. Players can also unlock additional features via the Bonus Wheel, which spins at the start of the Happy Race feature.

Lucky Hike

Lucky Hike uses a wheel with twelve segments, each with a different colour. Players choose the colour they hope will win during a brief betting period. After that, the host spins the wheel to draw the winning colour and the accompanying multiplier. Get it right, and you receive the corresponding cash prize.

Golden Spin

Golden Spin launches the 9 Pots of Gold slot, which uses a 5×3 layout and 20 fixed paylines. How many spins you get is randomly determined at the start of the round. During the slot, you can activate the Free Spin Wheel feature. It will award a set amount of free spins and an accompanying multiplier, extending the Golden Spin bonus. The total amount earned is added to your balance at the end of all awarded spins.

Ship Hunt

The Ship Hunt feature uses a 4×4 grid that has 14 ships hidden on it. That said, not all ships have an equal value. The most common ships are Petrol Boats, which only pay 1x. However, the Mothership, which only appears once, awards 9x when hit. Players can select up to three targets on the 4×4 grid to reveal. If they hit a boat, they win the corresponding reward.

Flying Dice

The Flying Dice bonus starts with players deciding between blue, orange, and red dice. After the timer hits zero, the host will drop all three sets of dice down the pegs. Once they land, the host will release a multiplier die with a different multiplier on each of its six sides. Your cash prize is determined by this multiplier combined with how many dice landed with matching numbers.

Train Rush

Train Rush uses a dice shaker to decide the outcome of every round. Players can choose one of five locations to travel to. After the timer runs out, five multipliers between 5x and 100x are randomly assigned to different destinations. The train will start moving, randomly choosing one of six locations to stop at. You receive a cash prize if you predict where the train will end.

Continent Collect

Players can place a bet to participate in the Continent Collect side bet. The goal is to visit six continents over the next six rounds – requiring you to get lucky and get a different location with every wheel spin. The prize for winning this side bet is 63x your stake.

Travel Fever Results

Despite seeming daunting at first, Travel Fever is far from scary. Whether you win or lose, it all comes down to correctly guessing where the wheel will stop, similar to games like roulette. The features are more involved but don’t require much strategizing to enjoy.

The base RTP for this game show is 96.3%. Meanwhile, the expected return for its bonuses can be anywhere from 96.01% up to 97.09%. The Continent Collect side bet has the highest RTP, coming out at 97.26%.

Travel Fever Tracker

OnAir Entertainment added a bet statistics page to Travel Fever. Through it, you can see real-time statistics on different wagers and their success rates. Additionally, the recent results page displays the winning continent or feature for the past couple of rounds.


The first shot OnAir Entertainment made at developing a game show is amazing, matching the quality of veteran live casino developers. With its countless features and entertaining gameplay, Travel Fever makes it clear there’s a new big name on the block. We had a blast playing this title and highly recommend it to our readers.

FAQ About Travel Fever

Travel Fever is an exciting game show by OnAir Entertainment that takes you on a trip across the globe! It offers six bonus features that trigger frequently, adding to the title’s fun factor.

The game’s main bet RTP is 96.3%. Its bonuses and side bets vary between 96.01% and 97.26%.

You have to bet on the bonus to be eligible to participate in it. After that, the wheel must stop in the right position to activate the bonus.

Golden Spin is the highest-paying Travel Fever bonus, which can award up to 2,000x your bet.                     

There isn’t. All continents share the same 6x payout, which can be increased by a multiplier segment.