Grosvenor Casinos Launches Exclusive Live Tables

Grosvenor Casino was already on our radar for some time. The awesome quality and diverse game selection make it one of the best casinos for UK players. The team could have called it quits there and enjoyed their substantial lead. Instead, Grosvenor decided to sweeten the pot further with exclusive live tables.

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This article will go over the casino’s best exclusives. We look at their visuals, gameplay, and bonus features to help you determine which games to play.

Cash Out Blackjack

Cash Out Blackjack is one of the most interesting additions to Grosvenor Casino’s live dealer section. It mostly follows basic blackjack rules, apart from one unique feature: the Early Cash Out. It lets you back out of a round early and take the displayed payout.

You can play up to two seats per hand, doubling how much you could win each round. The table is available 24/7, so you can enjoy it at any time of day.

The only thing that turned us off was the £5 minimum bet. It’s a bit steep and will lock out more casual players.

Grosvenor also has a variant of this game called Cash Out Blackjack Elite. The gameplay is identical, except this title is aimed at high rollers. The table’s limits are higher, with the minimum wager starting at £10.

Exclusive Blackjack

Exclusive Blackjack will be up your street if you prefer regular blackjack without the extra bells and whistles. Without any rule changes, you can take advantage of blackjack strategy charts and maximize your chances of success.

The casino has two more blackjack games: Premium Blackjack and Blackjack Gold. Both use the same rules as Exclusive Blackjack but have higher betting limits.

All three tables let you play up to two hands by occupying multiple seats.

Grosvenor Roulette

Grosvenor Roulette lets us experience the thrill of European Roulette with a fun little twist. Unlike most live roulette games, this title offers the La Partage rule. You get half of your stake back if the ball lands on a zero.

That’s not the only cool addition unique to this game. It’s also home to the Inferno Jackpot, which can grant up to £50,000. The feature consists of three jackpots with different rewards. The first is awarded by winning the same number three rounds in a row. Meanwhile, the second and third require a four-win and five-win streak with the same number. This bonus feature alone made this title the favourite of many staff.

Grosvenor Roulette is very approachable, with a £0.50 minimum bet. However, you’ll have to wager at least £1 to be eligible for the Inferno Jackpot.

If you prefer a faster-paced roulette table, check out Grosvenor Speed Roulette. It retains all the charms of Grosvenor Roulette, but each round goes by in a flash.

The Vic – London Roulette

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a round of roulette in one of the most exclusive venues without leaving your home? Grosvenor Casino lets you do just that with a trio of games. The Vic – London Roulette, Glasgow Roulette, and Sheffield Roulette allow you to play European Roulette alongside real bettors in these locations.

Unlike Grosvenor Roulette, these games do not come with any jackpots or rule adjustments. Their appeal is letting you relish in the atmosphere of real-world venues as you play.

Are They Worth Your Time?

Absolutely. The operator went out of their way to provide a diverse selection of games for casino-goers. Whether you want to enjoy the classics in a new setting or try your luck with jackpots or new features, Grosvenor has you covered. If what you’ve read sounds interesting, then give these titles a go!

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