How to Play First MultiPlay Live Blackjack by Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming are well known as the experts of live roulette. Roulette is in the very origins of the company. The team was the first to bring over-the-table roulette streamed from real world, prestigious casinos. Over the years, they expanded their roulette offering in many ways. More locations at first. Authentic Gaming then opened their own studio.The whole thing culminated in XL Roulette, which we consider the developers’ masterpiece.

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Alongside XL Roulette, Authentic Gaming has plenty of interesting expansion plans for 2021. The team also announced a variety of Multiseries of games to diversify its library of games. Now, the first of these Multi titles are making their way to us. How does Authentic Gaming’s MultiPlay Live Blackjack look like? How will it stack up compared to its peers? We answer all these questions in this review.

How to Play MultiPlay Blackjack Live

If you enjoy standard blackjack gameplay, Authentic Gaming’s latest release will be right up your alley. The game starts with a betting round. You can place a main bet wager or place a stake on one of the seven side bets.MultiPlay Blackjack Live is unique, as it allows you to play a side bet without wagering on a main bet. Once the timer runs out, your bets are accepted and the round proceeds to the next stage.

The host will draw two cards for themselves and two for the player. We can see the two cards dealt to us, but only one card dealt to the dealer. Once cards are dealt, players can choose to hit, stand, double or split their cards. You make your decision based on the cards you have, and the cards you suspect the host has. Depending on how you play your hand, additional cards may be drawn.

After you finish your hand, the dealer will reveal their second card. They may also draw additional cards if needed. For both sides, the goal is to get exactly twenty-one score. If neither side has exactly twenty-one, the score closest to it wins the round. Going over twenty-one results in a bust, and is a loss for both player and host. If both sides have an identical score, the round ends in a draw.

MultiPlay Blackjack Live Side Bets

Authentic Gaming’s latest release features not one or two, but seven side bets! Players have quite a few options to pick from.You can play whichever side bet sounds interesting to you.

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The pairs side bet can be played for both player and dealer hands. If your first two cards form a pair, you receive a cash prize. You only receive a prize if you correctly predict the side where the pair formed. That means a player pair side bet does not pay if the dealer’s hand has the pair.

  • Mixed pairs pay 6:1
  • Coloured pairs pay 12:1
  • Perfect pairs pay 25:1

Dealer Busts grants a cash prize if you successfully make the dealer bust. The more cards the dealer draws before busting, the better your payout will be. The cash prize starts at 2:1 with just three cards, and goes up to 2,000:1 with an eight-card bust.

21+3 pays if your first two cards and the dealer’s visible card form a valid three-card poker hand.

  • Flush pays 5:1
  • Straight pays 10:1
  • Straight Flush pays 40:1
  • Three-of-a-kind pays 100:1

Top 3 also pays players if they form a three-card poker hand. However, it only pays for straight flush and three-of-a-kind combinations. Straight flush pays 25:1, while three-of-a-kind pays 100:1.

Lucky Lucky also pays players if your first two cards and the dealer’s visible hand form a winning combination. It has eight possible payouts, with the most valuable one sitting at 200:1. Valid three-card hands are combinations of six, seven and eight, as well as a suited triple seven.

Last up is Lucky Ladies, which pays if your first two cards are a pair of Queen of Hearts. You also receive payouts if you find a pair of twenties. You receive different payouts based if they are any, matched or suited twenty pairs. The top prize for this side bet is 100:1.

Worth Playing?

No matter if you want regular blackjack action or fun with side bets, Authentic Gaming’s release is well worth playing. It gives us plenty of fun options to mess around with, while also offering a high RTP for serious players. This game has the seal of approval!