How to Play Mega Baccarat – New Live Game Show by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play has taken the live dealer world by storm. In a very short time, the company have gone from a newcomer to one of the top dogs of the genre. This partly comes from its constant innovation, offering players countless variants and game shows. The team’s latest release is Mega Baccarat – borrowing a familiar table game and bolting on a new bonus feature.

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Baccarat fans will be happy to hear the game has not changed much. Its gameplay still plays out the same, ensuring a simple and relaxing title. At the same time, adding the new Mega Round allows players to win massive sums with a bit of luck. Is Mega Baccarat the right game for you? Read on to find out!

What is Mega Baccarat?

The title continues Pragmatic Play’s long-running Mega series. These games are defined by adding multipliers to already popular releases, creating breakout hits in the process. Perhaps the best-known title in the series is Mega Roulette, whose multipliers can increase your payout to 500x.

Mega Baccarat follows the same concept but uses baccarat as a baseline. Each round proceeds as usual, requiring you to predict if the Player or Banker position will win. You can also bet the round will end in a Tie, which is rarer but has a better payout. The new addition is the Mega Round, whose multiplier can drastically increase your prize.

How to Play Mega Baccarat?

During the betting stage, you can wager on one of three options: Player, Banker, or Tie. You have a limited time to place your bets, so make sure you complete it in time. Once betting ends, Mega Baccarat will display the multipliers active during the round. Because of the multipliers, the game adds a mandatory 20% Mega fee to all bets.

The host then draws two cards for both the Player and Banker sides. The card combination closest to nine wins the cash prize. Under certain circumstances, the host will draw a third card on one or both positions. After the payout is awarded, the next round of Mega Baccarat begins.

Mega Baccarat Bonus Features

The game determines whether or not you will get Mega Multipliers with a dice roll. If the dice show an eight or nine, the Mega Round and all multipliers activate. The respective Mega Multiplier then increases your payout accordingly. If the dice display any other number, the multipliers are not applied.

Players can also bet on Player Pair and Banker Pair side bets. As their names imply, you will need a pair to appear on the Player or Banker side to win the side bet. You can wager on these two side bets without placing a main bet first.

Mega Baccarat Strategies

Regular baccarat is a game of pure chance, meaning you cannot apply any strategy. Mega Baccarat is more of the same, with multipliers adding an extra layer of randomness to the mix.

If you want the greatest odds of winning, you should bet on Player. It has the highest theoretical RTP in the game, which is 98.79%. Banker is not far behind, as its RTP is 98.54%. Both options let you score even payouts, which can get boosted to 100:1 by the Mega Multipliers.

Should You Play Mega Baccarat?

Mega Baccarat won’t blow your socks off with something completely new. Instead, it’s just a new way to enjoy a well-known live table game. Multipliers offer an occasional boost, allowing you to win big when all the stars align. If you’ve been looking for something to rekindle your love of live casino baccarat, this game might be what you’re after.

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