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A new addition to Pragmatic Play’s collection, Mega Roulette is a mega version of the Roulette live casino game. It is a live dealer game launched by the provider following the Mega Wheel game. The provider had also launched Mega Sic Bo and since Roulette is so popular they had to launch Mega Roulette as well.

Mega Roulette is a one-of-a-kind game in many respects. The new roulette is visually pleasing since it is bright, vibrant, and appealing. The female dealers are dressed in crimson velvet attires, while the men are dressed smartly in tuxedos. The game may be new but the quality remains the same; top-notch. Just like other Pragmatic Play games, the dealers are polite, professional, and qualified.

When it comes to the broadcast studio, it has been lit in dim lights which enhances the experience of the game even more. However, the Roulette wheel, multipliers, as well as dealers, are clearly visible.

Mega Roulette is an excellent blend of simplicity and modernity. Because of the common European wheel, the rules are straightforward. The multipliers, on the other hand, add a modern touch to the game, enticing new players and younger demographics.

Where to Play Mega Roulette

How to Play Mega Roulette

Even though Mega Roulette is a newer version, the rules of the game aren’t much different from the all-time hit Live Roulette.

Players play on the standard roulette wheel with 36 red and black pockets; and a single green zero. Once you sit down on a Mega Roulette table you need to click on the chips to place a bet on your choice of the betting area. Once you are done placing a bet, the dealer will spin the wheel and push the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel.

The fundamental goal of Mega Roulette is to guess the number or color the ball will fall on when the spinning wheel comes to a halt.

Now what’s interesting with Mega Roulette is the Mega Multiplier feature. This multiplier randomly multiplies your bets 50 to 500 times, thus boosting your chances of Mega wins. What’s also different is that players have the option to place Mega Bets. On some special wagers, players can even place bets like Mega Chances, Mega Dozens, and Mega Columns. Players get only around 20 seconds to place these bets.

Payouts, RTP, Stake Limits

Following are the payouts players can get when placing inside bets:

  • Straight-up Bet: 29:1 (49-499:1 Mega Multiplier)
  • Split Bet: 17:1
  • Street Bet: 11:1
  • Corner Bet: 8:1
  • Line Bet: 5:1

Following are the payouts players can get when placing outside bets:

  • Dozen Bet: 2:1
  • Column Bet: 2:1
  • Low/High Bet: 1:1
  • Bet on Color: 1:1
  • Odd/Even: 1:1

Because of the Mega Multiplier, the return to player percentage for Straight Up bets is reduced to 96.5%. The 97.3% RTP linked with the single-zero European Roulette wheel is maintained in other bets.

There’s no need to skip out on the action when the minimum bet is only $0.10. High rollers can place wagers of up to $5,000.

Game Features

Continuing the theme of Mega Wheel and Mega Sic Bo the same vibrant and colorful display scheme has been followed in Mega Roulette. Mega Roulette comes with a lot of interesting features which will surely enhance your gaming experience.

There is a chat with the dealer option, wherein you could talk to your dealer via message and if you’re lucky the dealer might even notice! The interface of the game is also really nice. The betting board is laid out nicely for players to view. If you like to play by formulating strategies, there is also a result history board present. It includes both hot and cold numbers.

The extra features that make the game special are:

Mega Multipliers

The multipliers are the only way for players to unlock the full potential of this game. There will be 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 multipliers with a value of up to 500x associated to each spin. Every time, the machine chooses numbers at random. You might win a lot of money if your straight-up bet is chosen.

Mega Bets

Mega Roulette’s Mega Bets feature lets you place a 37-number block of straight-ups. In this manner, you can take advantage of multiple multipliers in each round.


Having a strategy is crucial if you want to master and win a game. When it comes to Mega Roulette, you definitely need a strategy if you plan on playing the multipliers.

Before anything else, you must plan and move. You must have a bankroll decided as well as your maximum bet amount per spin.

It is also advised that you minimize your risk as much as possible. If you want to do so, you should stick to the outside bets. The returns for these bets may not be the highest, but the payout rate is quite high.

We would also advise you to have a look at the payouts tables before you begin. This is because the casinos do have the right to change the payouts. It is a good idea to be aware of the payouts than to be surprised to find out completely different payouts schemes later.

Another important tip is to not be greedy and not bet the money you win. Instead, cash that money out. You don’t want to lose whatever you win just because you want some more.