Hunt for Hidden Treasures in the Latest Pragmatic Play Live Game Show Treasure Island

Before Pragmatic Play took over the hearts and minds of live casino players, it was honing its craft with video slots. We have seen that experience bleed into their live dealer games many times. Whether it’s a unique setting or features reminiscent of popular slot bonuses, the team’s know-how revolutionised our favourite hobby.

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One important lesson Pragmatic Play learned is that people love adventure. Faraway places, hidden treasure, what’s not to love? Treasure Island taps into that fantasy and sets players off hunting for long-lost pirate treasure.

How It Works

The gameplay revolves around a large 54-segment wheel, similar to Sweet Bonanza CandyLand. The host spins the wheel, and you score a cash prize or a bonus feature, depending on where it stops.

There’s no free lunch with Pragmatic Play. If you want to win anything, you have to bet on it. You’ll have to be smart with your budget, as the game has many bet spots. There are so many that covering all of them will probably be out of the price range of most players.

Most of the wheel is taken up by three gems, which grant a cash prize when you land on them. The Topaz is the most common one, awarding up to 10:1 when won. Next up are Emeralds, whose payouts go up to 40:1. The rarest gem is the Ruby, which is why it has the best cash prize of the bunch – up to 100:1.

Treasure Island’s Bonus Features

We don’t have the details of how each bonus in Treasure Island will work. However, Pragmatic Play did give us a general overview of what to expect.

The game’s features are split into instant bonuses and bonus games. Instant bonuses are fast-paced, quickly forwarding cash prizes to players lucky enough to hit them. Bonus games are more involved, with interactive gameplay and massive jackpots.

There are six total features in Treasure Island. Wild Collector and Great Scavenger are instant bonuses and occupy seven positions on the 54-segment wheel. The remaining four are bonus games: John Silver’s Loot, Ben’s Lost Marbles, Billy Bones’ Map, and Captain Flint’s Treasure.

The developer is still finalising the game before its scheduled November release, so we don’t have a detailed breakdown of its features. However, we’re confident they’ll be both fun and lucrative. Pragmatic Play says the top prize will be 15,000:1, awarded through its rarest bonus games: Billy Bones’ Map and Captain Flint’s Treasure.

Our Thoughts on Treasure Island

As we’re working with a preview, we cannot 100% say this game will or won’t be good. However, Pragmatic Play’s previous track record and what we’ve seen so far have us feeling confident about the game’s success.

We’ll offer a more detailed look into Treasure Island’s bonuses as we inch closer to release. That way, you’ll have the most up-to-date information about how each feature plays and what kind of rewards to expect. If that sounds interesting to you, make sure to bookmark and check us out often. Our team frequently does previews and news about the hottest games and bonuses you don’t want to miss.

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