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Colourful lucky wheels are all the rage nowadays. They have become popular with many players and software providers. Pragmatic Play is throwing its hat into the ring with Sweet Bonanza CandyLand!

The team has always been known for their high-quality games and exciting features. With the growing popularity of live casino play, Pragmatic laid full focus on these games. Will this release continue down the same path? Read on to find out.

Here You Can Play Sweet Bonanza CandyLand

How to Play Sweet Bonanza CandyLand

Time needed: 4 minutes

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a unique game show from Pragmatic Play that has the best of worlds. The online slot Sweet Bonanza with a big Monet Wheel in a live casino game.

  1. Go to the live casino section and choose Sweet Bonanza Candyland

    Go to an online casino that offers Pragmatic Play live casino games. Go to the live casino of this online casino. Once you click on the game in the lobby you will be taken to the live studio of Pragmatic Play. Here a live host will present the game.
    Sweet bonanza Candyland ht 1 lc24

  2. Live studio

    The game is presented live from a Pragmatic studio. A live host presents the game. In every new game, the host spins the wheel.
    Sweet bonanza Candyland ht 2 lc24

  3. Place your bets

    The game is all about a giant Money Wheel. On the wheel, there are 54 segments. 9 Segments are filled with bonus games and the other segments are filled with multipliers. There are 6 different ways to place a bet. Multipliers 1x, 2x and 5x and the bonus games Bubble Surprise, Candy Drop and Sweet Spins. Right below the betting options, you see the chips with amounts. Choose the chip you want to bet with.
    Sweet bonanza Candyland ht 3 lc24

  4. Enable the Sugar Bomb Booster

    On the right bottom side of your screen, there is an option to enable a boost on your bonus games. It’s called the Sugar Bomb Booster and when it’s enabled, it will double the multiplier when the wheel stops on the Sugar Bomb bonus segment. Enabling the Sugar Bomb Booster is not for free, it will cost you 25% of your placed bets.
    Sweet bonanza Candyland ht 4 lc24

  5. The Game begins

    There are just 12 seconds to place your bets and after the betting period, the host will spin the Money Wheel. On top of the wheel, there is a flapper where the Money Wheel will stop. If the wheel stops at a number and you placed a bet on that number, your bet will be multiplied by that number and that’s what you will win.
    Sweet bonanza Candyland ht5 lc24

  6. Bonus Games

    9 Segments on the wheel are filled with a bonus. Of those 9 segments, 3 are to activate the Sugar Bomb, 3 are for Bubble Surprise, 2 are for Candy Drop and 1 segment is for Sweet Spins. When the wheel stops at one of these segments, the Bonus Game will be played. If you placed a bet on the bonus games you can play the bonus game, if not, you will be just a spectator. After the bonus game, the winnings are paid and a new game begins.
    Sweet bonanza Candyland ht6 lc24

Sweet Bonanza CandyLand plays in front of a colourful wheel. The host spins the wheel to draw one of six possible rewards. The game offers three cash prizes and three features. You have 18 seconds to place your bet before the wheel starts spinning.

You can access a detailed bet history to keep track of your wagers. Sweet Bonanza CandyLand also has an AutoPlay feature that allows you to keep playing the same stake. The RTP for this Pragmatic Play release is 96.95%.

The Bonus Games

Like many other live casino game shows, this title also has several bonus rounds we can play.

Candy Drop is one of them. Pick one of the three candies and watch them fall through a maze of multipliers and numbers. These multipliers and numbers are then added up at the end to grant your prize.

Sweet Spins grants ten free spins that get played on a 6×5 slot screen. You can score additional free spins if three or more lollipops appear. When eight or more wins cascade from the grid, a multiplier gets applied to the total win.

The Sugar Bomb bonus randomly applies a multiplier to all betting positions on the wheel. The multiplier can vary from 2x to 10x. The multiplier also applies to bonus segments.

Bubble Surprise is a randomly triggered feature. It randomly picks one of five symbols on the screen. The candies grant cash prizes. The Candy Drop and Sweet Spins icons activate their corresponding bonuses.

Finally, players can chat with the host and each other using live chat.

Lots of great bonus games in Sweet Bonanza CandyLand

Video Performance

Pragmatic Play broadcasts this release from a brand new studio designed with Sweet Bonanza CandyLand in mind. The studio features dynamic lighting, bright colours, and a mix of physical elements and a virtual 3D world. Furthermore, the game has low-streaming latency and multiple HD cameras. The company designed everything to maintain an immersive game experience.

Our Thoughts on Sweet Bonanza CandyLand

Pragmatic Play’s debut game show performed fantastically. We can tell a lot of effort went into designing every inch of Sweet Bonanza CandyLand. The lucky wheel setup and countless features provide hours of fun to players who want to try it. The unique studio for this game makes all the difference in the world.


The RTP of this live casino game is 96.95%.

It’s a Money Wheel live casino game show, one of the bonus games is played on the popular online slot Sweet Bonanza. The game is powered by Pragmatatic play

The maximum win per game is limited to €500,000.

The biggest multiplier in the bonus game is 20.000x