Introducing Travel Fever: First Live Game Show by OnAir Entertainment

OnAir Entertainment has been steadily building itself up from live casino rookie to industry veteran. Today, the company is taking the next step on that journey and launching its first live game show!

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The title isn’t slated to come out just yet. However, we’ve been lucky enough to catch a preview of what the software provider has planned. In this article, we’ll tell you what to expect from OnAir Entertainment’s first game show and how it will stack up to the competition.

Inspired by Crazy Time

One glance was enough to confirm the inspiration for this title. Crazy Time stood out to players because it had a diverse selection of bonus features. OnAir Entertainment took one look at that and decided: ‘We could do better’.

Both games use a large lucky wheel, where the flapper determines the winning position. Travel Fever uses a vertical wheel from which players can draw one of six bonuses and multipliers. These are:

  • Lucky Hike
  • Golden Spin
  • Ship Hunt
  • Happy Race
  • Flying Dice
  • Train Rush

Each feature mirrors a unique travel method and is used to earn remarkable multipliers. They also play differently, ensuring no two rounds are exactly alike.

What to Expect?

The developer hasn’t finalized the exact math and gameplay of each feature. Because of that, we cannot go into detail on the precise gameplay and rewards of each bonus like we usually do. However, we do have some ideas about how everything will pan out.

  • Ship Hunt tasks you with sinking ships to reveal the prizes hidden beneath.
  • Lucky Hike spins the needles of a compass to guide you to some thrilling rewards.
  • Flying Dice tosses dice down a Plinko machine to determine results.
  • Train Rush rolls a single die with several colours to decide where the train will go to pick up the prize.
  • Golden Spin gives you one spin of Games Global’s popular 9 Pots of Gold slot. The goal is to try and score the fixed jackpot by landing golden pots.
  • The Happy Race machine spins a wheel that determines if your car will go left or right. The longer your car remains on the correct track, the better your reward will be.

The whole thing is shaping up to be a fantastic first try from OnAir Entertainment. The moment it comes out, you can expect a more thorough review from the team. If the developer can provide an attractive math model and RTP, we don’t doubt this will be a smash hit.

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