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N1Casino presents a pre-release of the game PowerUp Roulette by Pragmatic Play. They made a special arrangement with Pragmatic Play that they would be part of a group online casinos that get this pre-release.

The casino offers a special Cashback bonus for players that will play this exciting live roulette game. Players get 10% cashback on whatever they lose there! This promo is offered from October 7 (00:01 UTC) to October 8 (23:59 UTC). 10% Of what you lose playing PowerUp Roulette will be returned to you.

PowerUp Roulette by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play spoils us with a wonderful variant on the classic casino game roulette. By adding amazing multipliers, it is possible to win as much as 2000x your bet in a single game of PowerUp Roulette.

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The basic game is just roulette, but in each game, PowerUp numbers are selected. If the ball falls in one of these PowerUp numbers, a special PoerUp round follows. Each bet stays put and all numbers are assigned a multiplier. This can amount to as much as 2000x your bet.

PowerUp Bonus Round
Huge Multipliers in the PowerUp Bonus Round

The friendly dealer throws the ball again and if the ball falls in one of your chosen numbers you will receive a payout with the multiplier on this number. Super exciting.

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