Is it True That Craps Is the Most Complicated Table Game?

Craps tables are a staple of casinos. You can find them in many real-world locations, often as an exciting centrepiece with a big crowd. It is an exciting game and one that uses its group format to create memorable, top-tier experiences. However, many players see the heap of bets you can play in Craps and feel overwhelmed. This helped establish a popular narrative: Craps is the most complicated table game.

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The fact it took so long for live casino developers to launch a live version certainly did not help matters. Evolution was the first developer to launch Craps Live, showing that this release worked in online settings. Craps is not a complicated game, and a few rounds at the table will teach you how to play quickly!

Craps Live 101

When you play Evolution’s game, it offers an interactive Learn Craps module. It explains every bet you can place in Craps Live. While a simple addition, it goes a long way in explaining the various wagers this game offers.

All dice throws are handled by a mechanical arm, which Evolution uses to keep the outcome random and fair. The first roll of the dice for you is the come-out roll. You can achieve one of three results during the come-out roll based on the two dice results.

  • Natural grants you an instant win. You need to roll 7 or 11 to win it.
  • Craps is a loss for that round. Rolling 2, 3, or 12 results in Craps.
  • You score a Point if you roll any other number.

The host will place an On button next to the Point number. From there, the goal is to hit the same number again. If you rolled a five, you want to roll another five before the dice reveal a seven. Get the same number again, and you win the bet. Roll a seven before scoring the same number, and you lose the round. During this Point roll phase, players can place additional wagers on the board.

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Craps Live Bets

The first wagers you place on a Craps Live table are Pass and Don’t Pass bets. Pass pays if you roll a 7 or 11 or if you win the point roll. Don’t Pass pays if you roll a 2 or 3 or if the game rolls a seven before the point number. Rolling a 12 is a push. Come and Don’t Come wagers are identical to Pass and Don’t Pass, respectively. However, you can only play them during the Point roll phase.

Take/Lay odds are available after the game establishes a Point. Take Odds wins together with Pass or Come bets. Lay scores together with Don’t Come and Don’t Pass stakes. Both wagers pay true odds when won.

Each number of the Craps Live betting board has a Win and Lose position. Placing coins on the Win position lets you bet that the selected number will appear before seven lands. The Lose position bets that a seven will appear on the board before that number.

Casino members can also bet on Hardways bets. Hardways require the two dice to reveal a pair of numbers – a set of twos, threes, fours, or fives. Hardways lose if a seven or a non-pair combination lands. If you bet on a set of twos, the dice showing a three and one is a loss.

Finally, we have a set of One Rolls that either win or lose. These bets are as follows:

  • Field wins if you roll a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12.
  • Seven pays for any rolled combination of 7.
  • Craps win if you roll a 2, 3 or 12.
  • Crap 2, Crap 3, and Crap 12 pay if you roll their respective number.
  • Eleven wins if the dice total display an 11.
  • C.E. wins if you roll a 2, 3, 11, or 12.

Not That Complicated, After All

Evolution’s release performing well in many live casinos shows Craps is not too complicated or scary. It might seem that way, but some time spent with the game quickly fixes that. With a bit of experience, Craps Live is easy to follow along and play. Now is your chance if you ever wanted to give it a try!